Merlin Scoop: Aithusa Is a [SPOILER]

aithusa merlin

Merlin scoop straight from Comic-Con. During the press room for the series, I was talking with co-creator and executive producer Julian Murphy who revealed that Aithusa (the adorable white dragon that Merlin summoned who saved Morgana at the end of last season) is in fact female!

Even more exciting, co-creators and executive producer Johnny Capps expended by saying that Aithusa will become “Morgana’s confidant and protects her” in season 5, he continued to say that they have a “complex and meaningful relationship.”

I cannot wait to see it all unfold on screen. Merlin will return for its fifth season this Fall on BBC One.

In addition, stay tuned for our video interviews with the cast and creators of Merlin straight from Comic-Con coming up soon.

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