Comic-Con 2012: Warehouse 13 Panel

Comic-Con 2012: Warehouse 13 Panel

Syfy’s hit series Warehouse 13 made another appearance at this year’s Comic-Con and the fans were very happy to hear from the cast and crew about the upcoming season of the show. On hand to discuss the series were stars Eddie McClintock, Joanne Kelly, Saul Rubinek, Allison Scagliotti and executive producer Jack Kenny.

Here are some highlights from the panel:

The writers have apparently found writing the upcoming season very easy, with not a lot of creative challenges to overcome.

We were promised a very exciting 10-episode arc in the upcoming season.

Everyone on the panel kept giving Eddie a hard time for acting like an “overgrown child” most of the time on set, though they were also quick to point out that his humor often helps them get through long shooting days.

During an upcoming scene where he had to be almost completely naked, Eddie apparently kept the crew quite entertained by doing the splits in between takes.

Eddie is the first and easiest person to crack up during a scene, followed closely by CCH Pounder.

While discussing the subject of Twitter, Saul said: “I have a Twitter account, but I never tweet. I’m a twat.”

Early on in the series, the writers took the time to get to know each of the actors and their own personality traits, so that they could incorporate some of those traits into the characters they play.

While shooting a particularly emotional scene in the episode ‘Emily Lake’ Eddie remembered having a difficult time bringing himself to tears. When he looked up and saw all of his female co-stars were bawling their eyes out, he said: “Welcome to Estrogen House 13!”

Eddie apparently thinks that some of the ladies at Comic-Con are wearing too skimpy costumes, and admitted to thinking to himself: “Damn girl, put on some clothes!”

Warehouse 13 returns to SyFy on July 23. What are you looking forward to the most this season? Sound off in the comments below. I love hearing from you guys!