Comic-Con 2012: The Powerhouse That is Nikita

Nikita Comic Con 2012

Yesterday during the Nikita panel at the San Diego Comic Con, cast members Maggie Q, Shane West, Lyndsy Fonseca, Aaron Stanford and Melinda Clarke and executive producer Craig Silverstein enthralled a packed room of enthusiastic fans with their thoughts on Season 2 and gave a few scoops on what to expect for Season 3.

The biggest news that was announced was that guest actor Devon Sawa (Division Guardian Owen) has been made a series regular and that, much to the surprise of Maggie and Shane, there will be a shower scene featuring the two love birds. To say the least, the reaction by the actors was priceless when they learned that factoid. In fact, West somewhat jokingly mumbled “now I have to get in the gym earlier and maybe take up yoga”.

Fans should also be prepared for some new great villains appearing throughout the new season, starting with actor Jeff Pierce (best known for his recurring role on the short-lived Alcatraz) and now that Division is in new hands – aka Ryan Fletcher (new series regular) Noah Bean – there will be rogue agents, who seemingly will still be loyal to the now deceased Percy (Xander Berkeley) and not trusting of Nikita, to hunt down.

West also shared that he would love to see actor Roy Dupois, who appeared as Michael in the USA Network series La Femme Nikita, appear as the man who trained Michael when he first came to Division. Executive producer Craig Silverstein neither confirmed nor denied that this could happen; but it certainly received positive support from the cast and fans both.

Some other storylines that the fans can anticipate seeing during season 3 will be backstories for both Amanda and Birkhoff, a female Roan, and a surprise twist that will take place in the season premiere that “no one will see coming” shared both Craig and Maggie.

It should also be noted there will be a one-month time jump when the series returns for its third season on The CW on October 19 at 8/7c.

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