Comic-Con 2012: Bob’s Burgers Panel

Comic-Con 2012 Bob's Burgers Panel

Once again, Loren Bouchard, Kristen Schaal, Eugene Mirman, Dan Mintz, John Roberts, H. Jon Benjamin, and Jim Dauterive made their way down to Comic-Con to answer fan questions and talk about Bob’s Burgers at their Comic-Con panel.

Fans were treated to a sizzle reel which highlighted hilarious moments from season 2, as well as a short clip from an episode scheduled to air in the Spring of 2013.

Loren Bouchard confirmed that the third season of Bob’s Burgers is scheduled to begin airing on September 30, 2012, and revealed that the season opener would center on Louise’s attempts to recover her infamous pink bunny ears after having them stolen from her.

After a fan asked about the possibility of a Burger Boss game, Bouchard responded that they would also love to see Burger Boss become a playable game and that they have been in the process of pursuing that possibility.

For the last three years, the Bob’s Burgers panel at San Diego Comic Con has consistently been one of my favorite panels at the convention. I’m hoping that next year, we can get some of the Bob’s Burgers writing staff up on that stage along with that hysterical cast. It would also be nice to have the Bob’s Burgers panel get bumped into a much larger room so that all the fans that couldn’t get in this year will have a chance to enjoy the experience next year.

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(Photo Credit: Johnal Leifsson)