Suits “Discovery” Review

Suits (USA) Discovery Season 2 Episode 4 (3)

Just when we thought Hardman was the biggest issue around on Suits along comes Tanner — Harvey’s nemesis and the ultimate bearer of bad news — in this week’s episode ‘Discovery’.

Four years ago, Harvey won a case involving a car company accused of causing a man’s death through use of a faulty product. Harvey successfully argued that it was careless driving that caused the victim’s death and the company got off scot-free. Until now.

When Tanner claims Harvey committed fraud by hiding a memo that showed the company’s liability in the victim’s death, Harvey’s reputation is put on the line. To avoid going to court, Harvey strong-arms the head of the company into settling. But Harvey’s problems aren’t over yet: thanks to his previous indiscretions during his days at the DA’s office, no one will believe that he didn’t hide the memo. He needs to prove that the memo is in fact a forgery and so it was impossible for him to ever lay eyes on it.

But as Donna learns at the end of the episode, the memo does exist — and she was the one who signed off on it during discovery.

I’m loving season 2 of Suits so far and just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, it does. The past few episodes have shown that whilst they may bicker and disagree, the folks at Pearson Hardman generally do everything right and get the result they want. But the reveal at the end of this episode puts that in jeopardy — and their only choices now seem to be hiding their mistake or choosing someone to take the fall. The obvious choice would be Donna since it really was her error, but could Harvey face letting her go? She’s more than just his secretary, she’s essentially his right arm, getting shit done so he can stay busy being awesome.

Perhaps more importantly for us, could we face seeing Donna go? She’s too fantastic. I’m not even going to think about the fact she may be fired. Nope, I just can’t do it, dear reader.

Also this week: Mike had to work with Louis on a case and discovered that behind his bitchy facade, Louis is both a great lawyer and a pretty decent guy. We saw again that Louis acts out because he feels overlooked and undervalued, but it was never quite so apparent as when he heard Harvey call him pathetic and Mike agree on the dictaphone recording. This time when he was bitchy we could sympathise with him. Poor Louis.

And finally, Harold is great. He got his own proper scenes this week, not just stuff centered around Louis or Mike, and it was pretty funny. He’s got a crush on Rachel (let’s not get into how every third scene with her seems to start with slow-mo ogling of her beauty; I hate it) and whilst the humour it caused was nothing new, it was still a welcome interval between the two bigger storylines. I kind of hope Harold and Rachel end up on a date at some point, purely because the only thing funnier than Mike’s reaction would be Harvey and Louis’!

What did you think of ‘Discovery’? Loved this new look at Louis? Worried about Donna? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!