Comic-Con 2012: Psych (USA) Panel at Nerd HQ

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I kicked off my very first Comic Con at the Psych panel organized by Zachary Levi’s Nerd Machine. At last year’s convention, Nerd Machine hosted a series of panels, videos and other activities at Nerd HQ, an offsite location that’s less than a 5-minute walk from the San Diego Convention Center. The panels feature popular shows such as Psych, Robot Chicken, and Levi’s show Chuck. At $20 per ticket, you guarantee that you actually get in the panel and help out an important charity. All proceeds from the Nerd HQ panels go directly to Operation Smile.

Faced with a scheduling conflict between Psych and Teen Wolf at Comic Con, I decided to buy a ticket to the Nerd HQ panel so that I would not have to make a tough choice between two shows I really love. The format was different from the Comic Con panel in that it was driven by audience questions. Although we didn’t get the sneak peek video shown to panel participants at Comic-Con, it was still a great time. James Roday, Dule Hill, Steve Franks, Chris Henze and Kelly Kulchak were on hand to discuss the show and all things pineapple-related.

As faithful Psych viewers know, last season ended with a major cliff hanger surrounding Shawn’s father, Henry. When we last saw Henry, he had just been shot and there was no indication as to whether he lived or died. When an audience member asked if we would have any teary moments coming up in the new season, show creator Steve Franks said that there may be some in the first episode. After a collective gasp from the audience, Frank said that he was just joking around and was not going to reveal anything about Henry’s fate. Oh well. Even if Henry dies, which I sincerely hope he doesn’t, I’m sure we’ll still see Corbin Bernsen. The opening flashbacks with Henry and young Shawn are as central to the show as James Roday and Dule Hill. I doubt that Henry’s death would mean no more flashbacks.

Other fun panel moments:

– Steve Franks has an impressive knowledge of quotes from Captain Eo. This came up when Dule Hill shared that he would like to get an opportunity to dress up like Michael Jackson again on the show.

– Gus will finally get a love interest this season. This new girlfriend, however, will have a secret. Here’s hoping she’s not crazy like the rest of the women to whom Gus has been attracted.

– The long-anticipated Psych musical is coming our way this season. The Psych cast, show runners and Psych-os really want Zach Levi on the show. Franks would love to see Levi on the musical episode.

– Dule Hill revealed that his favorite Gus intro is “Gus Silly Pants Jackson.” James Roday favors “Weepy Boy Santos” and Kelly Kulchack likes “MC Clap Your Hands.” I agree with Kulchak, although everyone agreed that is the combination of the name and the facial expression made by Gus that makes the introductions hilarious.

– The panel also revealed their favorite pineapple placement. Dule Hill’s favorite was the pineapple drawn on the chalkboard in “Indiana Shawn and the Temple of the Kinda Crappy, Rusty, Old Dagger.” Steve Franks revealed that his favorite was a pineapple carved in a staircase on the episode, “Shawn Rescues Darth Vader.” James Roday teased that his favorite pineapple placement is coming up in Psych’s very special 100th episode, which is inspired by Clue.

– Thanks to James Roday, we’ll get more Buzz McNabb this season. To quote Roday, we’ll get “more Buzz than you can shake a stick at.”

– Along with more Buzz, we’ll also see more of our favorite, creepy medical examiner Woody. Franks revealed that he just recently realized between Psych and Toy Story, thanks to character named Buzz and Woody.

– Dule Hill revealed that Burton Guster’s desperation and lack of female companionship has resulted in his increasingly creepy behavior over the last few seasons.

– Like the mystery of Henry’s fate, the cast did not spill any details on Shules and whether or not they will be engaged anytime soon.

– Season 6 of Psych will be out on DVD by the end of the summer.

– I had my own moment with the panel when I decided to ask if we would see the return of Boone and Peters to the show. As much as I love Shawn Spencer, I could watch Carl Weathers throw a shoe at him every day. As I stood up, everything felt surreal and I began to feel that icky dry mouth you get when you’re nervous. Rather than say Boone and Peters, I had a major brain fart and said “Peter Poon.” That prompted James Roday to say he thought I was referring to a Psych porn and Steve Franks proposed that the name be used to introduce Gus on the upcoming season of the show. Normally, I would have been mortified but it was such a great laugh.

As expected, the Psych panel did not disappoint! I’m looking forward to more Woody and learning Henry’s fate. What are you anticipating in the new season?

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