Comic Con 2012 – Dragons: Riders of Berk Panel

dragons riders of berk

Fans of Dreamworks’ How To Train Your Dragon will be happy to know that Cartoon Network is releasing a new TV series based on the hit film this fall. Creators of the new show were at Comic-Con today for a panel to discuss the making of the series, returning characters, new dragons and lots more.

Visitors to the panel were also treated to about 15 minutes of footage from the new series (the first to ever see the footage outside of the studio), which showed that the animation, writing, effects and humor are all on par with the original movie. The crowd in the packed panel room was very excited and judging by the cheers that accompanied the preview, I’m thinking that most of them will be eagerly watching this fall.


Many actors from the movie will be returning to voice the same characters in the TV series, including Jay Baruchel as Hiccup and America Ferrera as Astrid.

A few new characters are being introduced in the series, to be voiced by the likes of Tim Conway, Tom Wilson, David Faustino and even Mark Hamill.

The series will be able to take the time to flesh out story lines of some of the secondary characters from the film.

New dragons will be introduced in the series, with all new powers as well.

The series will revolve around original characters in the show, with Hiccup and friends running a dragon training school.

Stoick will be getting a dragon of his own in the series.

Toothless will be getting an exciting new power in the show.

The series will feature mostly stand-alone episodes and you won’t need to watch the series in order to understand the sequel to the original film.

Dragon: Riders of Berk will premiere on Cartoon Network this fall.

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