Comic-Con 2012: Dexter (Showtime) Panel

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Like many Dexter fans, I’ve found the show a bit lackluster since the departure of John Lithgow’s bad ass trinity killer. He was a truly hard act to follow. Those complaints aside, the shocking season 6 finale of the show guaranteed that I would be back for the new season.

Dexter viewers already know that last season ended with Deborah walking in on her brother right as he killed the doomsday killer, portrayed by Colin Hanks. The revelation was further complicated by Deb’s new-found romantic feelings for her adoptive brother.

The panel began with a screening of the trailer for the new season of Homeland and a brief discussion with one of the show’s producers. I’m not a Homeland watcher but the new season looks pretty interesting. Attendees were also treated to a sneak peak of the new Dexter game in which players travel with their dark passenger through the streets of Miami as everyone’s beloved serial killer. We were also treated to a screening of the Dexter webisode, “Early Cuts.” This season’s webisodes are entitled “All in the Family.” Quite fitting.

More videos . . .

Attendees watched a season 6 recap video and were then treated to a Comic-Con exclusive snippet from the first episode of the new season. No need to worry about time jumps or being robbed of the awkward moment as brother and sister came face to face after the murder of DDK. I can only describe the few minutes we saw as awkward and Dexter’s response as typical.

With the final video completed, the panel finally got started. Producers Scott Buck and Wendy West joined Jennifer Carpenter, Michael C. Hall and newcomer Yvonne Strahovski onstage. There were some really great audience questions. Below are a few highlights of the discussion:

– According to Michael C. Hall (or MC Hall for short), season 7 Dexter would advise season 1 Dexter not to make any friends. Anyone remember crazy ass Miguel Prado?

– Scott Buck confirmed that the show no longer has any substantive connections to the Dexter books. The networked only licensed the first two books for use on the show. According to Buck, he declined to read any of the other books in the series after the license on the first two expired.

– Hall shared that we will see a more manipulative, self-serving side of his character this season. Although he assured us that Dexter would still be likeable, he admitted that much of this manipulation will be the result of Deb walking in on him killing DDK.

– Buck and West confirmed that each season has a theme. Season 6 was about religion and the new season will be about the consequences of love – through Dexter’s point of view.

– When asked why a serial killer remains so likeable with viewing audiences, Hall speculated that everyone has a “shadow side” with which they must contend.

– The panel confirmed that Harry will return through flashbacks and Dexter’s subconscious. They kept quiet about Harry’s reaction to Deb’s discovery of Dexter’s secret.

– Jennifer Carpenter dropped a few f-bombs during the panel and admitted that she uses way more profanity in her personal life when she’s filming the show.

– Although we still don’t know exactly how much of Dexter’s dark passenger Deb will discover, the panel confirmed that it will change how she sees her role as a protector for Harrison.

– MC Hall revealed that his most satisfying kill on the show, if he had to pick one, was the Trinity Killer. He further commented, however, that his kills were like his kids and that he loved them all equally. The crowd got a kick out of that remark.

– Yvonne Strahovski was tight-lipped about her role in the new season. She confirmed that her character’s name is Hannah and that she’s only filmed for a few days with the cast, so far. Scott Buck liked the actress for the role because he thought she could pull off the sweet but mysterious look with ease.

Dexter is known for having lots of guest stars on the show, so naturally fans wanted to know which ones rendered the cast awestruck. MC Hall admitted that he was a HUGE fan of Mos Def’s music and was thrilled upon learning that the rapper/actor would be part of the show’s sixth season. He was equally thrilled about working with John Lithgow and regretted now being able to do a single scene with Edward James Olmos.

Overall, the panel was great. They did a great job at answering questions and were vary gracious towards the fans. Season 7 of Dexter debuts on September 30 at 9 PM Eastern on Showtime. Are you excited for the new season? Sound off below!

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