Anger Management “Charlie and Kate Battle Over a Patient” Review

Hey, did you guys know that Charlie Sheen was on Two and a Half Men? You did? Well, the people at Anger Management want to be certain that you don’t forget it. I don’t want to poor cold water all over what was by far the best episode of the show’s freshman campaign, but the pokes at Charlie’s old job are getting a bit tiresome. It was a small portion of the episode, but the use of Charlie’s old bowling shirt from his former show paints the picture of a show that doesn’t trust its work. It keeps returning to the easy joke that doesn’t involve creating something new. If I’m to believe that this show is a fresh start for Sheen, then they shouldn’t keep trudging up the past. I’m sure many people enjoyed the subtle jab at Chuck Lorre and his former show, but I found it cheap. Charlie Sheen is a comedic talent that doesn’t need cheap jokes like that. (Insert whatever Two and a Half Men joke you want here.)

I really find that joke unfortunate because I actually enjoyed this episode. For starters, I actually enjoyed the prison group therapy. Granted, it’s a problem that I like Charlie’s secondary therapy group to his A squad, but that shouldn’t diminish the good work done by Eddie Winslow and the gang. The reason the prison group works is because it is so over the top. It’s the kind of crowd that perfectly complements Sheen’s classic deadpan delivery. Listening to homicidal maniacs describe their past crimes is shooting fish in a barrel for Sheen. It’s when he is at his best. Unfortunately, his group that convenes at his house can’t provide the same level of interest.

I’m also starting to enjoy his relationship with his ex-wife. His relationship with Selma Blair’s Kate isn’t very well done, but Charlie and his ex-wife have provided for some good banter the past few weeks.

This week was the best offering from Anger Management to date. There is still work to do, but it’s good to see a new show making adjustments as it goes. As Charlie would tell us, the process can be just as important as the results. (That sounds like something he would say, right?)

What did everyone else think? Where do you stand after episode 4?

  • Dosyk777

    best episode by far.


    Best one yet. I thought the bowlIng shirt reference was funny. Who cares if it was a little out if context. It made me laugh and that’s what I came for

  • SuzanneM35

    The show is funny and Charlie seemd more relaxed.
    Casting quite good but can’t see Charlie going for Kate. Actually scenes with Kate are weakest and ones with ex and daughter best.
    As to the Two and a Half Men jokes, especially the bowling shirt, your review is way off…audience gets it and always good for a chuckle.

  • Anonymous

    IT was good and very funny, of course we did not need the Two and a Half Men references, Eddy Winslow is so much better in this than on a soap like Y&R lol ! (and granted the writing here is better than on a soap opera, thankfully !) and i like Charlie’s relationships with his ex-wife and therapist best-friend, bed buddy, it is fun and honest.

  • Tinatamds

    It was great! Charlie Sheen has to let his true self come out in this show.  The bowling shirt and laid back attitude is what makes him funny.  The wardrobe has to be more relaxed and reflect his personality.  I wish he would have had a son instead of a girl.  The girl is boring!!

  • Guest

    This episode was definitely the best of the season so far, and I thought the homage (if you want to call it that) to Two and a Half Men was pretty darn funny actually.  And ripping the show for using the same forumla (the author of this article didn’t, but other have) that worked so well with Men smells like sour grapes to me.  I’m already a big fan of this show – I think it will compare favorably with Sheen-era Men.

  • …so far everyone here is saying that they all love the jab at “Chuck” lol…me myself, im loving it 2 lol…i really do love the way that the show is going, so far i haven’t missed an episode, and i really am keeping my hopes high on this being better than Two and a Half Men, to the point where the cast would leave CBS and come on over to his show…well assuming that Charlie would even allow that madness to happen lol…
    -p.s. i’dk if u watch Two and a Half Men, but umm as i can recall there was an episode on the show at the beginning of the new season when his brother was in the hospital after a heart attack…well at the end of the episode he laid in the hospital bed with his hands behind his head saying the phrase “Winning”…hmm, wonder if anyone else would be offended by that and try taking jabs in retaliation…oh well, just my opinion, no offense to anyone btw

  • Anonymous

    My whole point about the jabs at Two and a Half Men are that they’re too easy.  I want to see Charlie strike out and survive on his own merits and not on sly jokes about his former employer. Granted, I am quite positive that the vast majority of the show’s viewers are Sheen fans, so I am sure you guys enjoy the potshots at Chuck Lorre.  If that’s the case, good for you guys.  I’m glad you’re enjoying it.