Watch Breaking Bad Star Bryan Cranston Become Walter White

Have you ever wanted to see Bryan Cranston transform into meth kingpin Walter White? Well, if you enjoy Albuquerque based talk shows that air in the wee hours of Sunday morning on the New Mexico CW, then it’s really easy to see.

Cranston appeared on castmate Steve Michael Quezada’s (who plays Gomez on Breaking Bad) talk show “The After After Party” back in February of 2011 (shoutout to Huffington Post TV blog for digging it up). While on the show, Cranston decided to show the audience how his make-up team transforms him into Walter White every morning before shooting. Given that Cranston is the biggest guest he will ever interview, Quezada is happy to oblige the nearly 8 minute process. Once the transformation is complete, Cranston completely hijacks the interview by doing the rest of the segment as Walter White. If you’re a Breaking Bad/Bryan Cranston fan, it’s worth the 8 minutes.

Breaking Bad premieres Sunday at 10 PM on AMC.