Rizzoli & Isles “Money Maker” Review

The third season of Rizzoli & Isles continued this week with Angela and Maura both embarking on new experiences. To begin, Angela left for work looking like she had a hot date. In a weird bit of product placement, Maura shared her secret to wearing heels – Dr. Scholls’ gel inserts. Those things really are amazing.

Shortly thereafter, Hope called to invite Maura to dinner. Maura expanded on the invitation by suggesting that Hope and her daughter (Maura’s half-sister Kaylen) come to her home for a meal.

Maura nervously and awkwardly got through dinner with Hope and Kaylen. Unfortunately, Kaylen’s poor disposition to being at dinner – and Boston – spoiled the evening. It was later revealed that Kaylen’s behavior was due to a dire health situation. While doing relief work in Africa, she contracted a bacterial infection that left her in need of a new kidney. Unfortunately for Kaylen, her mother was not a match.

In lamenting over the irony that Hope had saved so many lives and could not save the life of her own daughter, she and Maura grew closer. Convinced that she would be a match, Maura decided to donate her kidney to Kaylen. Rather than conjure up traumatic memories for Hope by revealing her identity, Maura decided to donate anonymously.

There was a pretty interesting murder on this week’s Rizzoli & Isles. There were cloaks, masks, mysterious injections, a blonde hair, erectile dysfunction, strange flash drive key chains, precious metals, a former prostitute named Candy, food poisoning and an underground sex club. There was also a rapper named Lamar Jones, whose music inspired Francesco and Barold to hold an impromptu dance lesson until Sister Winifred played the stereotypical killjoy role. They’ve really got to find more to do with this character.

The most gripping part of this episode, however, was the fallout from Maura’s anonymous kidney donation. Kaylen visited Maura to let her know that she knew who Maura was. She shared that she never felt as though she was enough for Hope and refused Maura’s gracious offer to save her life. Of course, Hope joined the two and Maura finally revealed the truth. Somehow the moment was even worse than Maura had feared it would be. Jane tried to console her friend but Maura was decidedly over the tears and was insulted by Kaylen’s ingratitude.

My heart broke for Maura. She received a lot of displaced anger from Kaylen and Hope. The story with Kaylen, Maura and Hope is getting really interesting. I could go without the crime and just watch that unfold. Overall, I thought it was another great episode. What did you think of this week’s episode of Rizzoli & Isles? Sound off below!