White Collar Season 4 Premiere “Wanted” Advance Review – Trouble in Paradise

White Collar

USA’s hit series, White Collar returns tonight for its season four premiere, called “Wanted.” The title is pretty apt, considering that is exactly how Neal finds himself throughout the entire episode. He’s wanted by nearly everyone it seems: by Peter, by the FBI, and by a new adversary, an agent Collins (played by Mehki Phifer) who is sent to heat up the search for Neal by none other than Peter’s old boss and now nemesis, Kramer.

The season opener starts up six weeks after Neal and Mozzie took off to destinations unknown and no one has managed to find them yet, not even Peter. But thought everyone is looking for Neal, not everyone has the same intentions when they do find him. Agent Collins’ motives are pretty clear, but since Peter was the one who gave Neal the signal to run in the season three finale, his motives are more to help Neal than anything else.

As for Neal and Mozzie, though they’ve made it to a place that could easily be called paradise, they are still facing some challenges of their own. But though they have a new home, new names, and (at least in Neal’s case) new looks, it was nice to see that they were still the same old Moz and Neal we all know.

I can’t give any spoilers of course so there’s not a lot more I can say about the premiere except that it had a lot of the elements that I believe have made some good season openers in the past. With Peter doing everything he can to help Neal, he once again relies on his friends to lend a hand. Diana and Jones step up, as does Elizabeth (who even tries her best to replace Neal as Peter’s partner in a stakeout of sorts). I can also tell you that there are some nail-biting scenes in this one, especially near the end, and that by the time the final credits roll you will be highly anticipating the next episode to see what happens next.

My favorite (non-spoilery) bits…..

Shirtless Neal. In a pool. That is all.

The classic hat flip, but with a scruffy Neal. Somehow it’s even hotter.

“And if all else fails, you can kick Collins’ ass.”

Elizabeth knowing that, through Peter’s complaints about Neal, he was missing his ex-partner.

Neal creating the most amazing “sandcastle” I’ve ever seen.

A phone call that happens at the mid-way point of the episode. I can’t even describe how happy it made me.

“You run, I run. That’s the deal.”

Arggh! Best moment ever and I can’t say a word about it! Look for it around the 45 min mark.

“I do know a place. Upside: white, sandy beaches.”

All I can say about the last minute is……AHHHH!

The season four premiere of White Collar airs tonight at 9pm on USA Network. Once you’ve seen the episode, come back here and let me know what you thought of it. I love hearing from you guys!

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