Teen Wolf “Restraint” Review

Teen Wolf (2012) Season 2 Episode 7 Restraint

Teen Wolf just keeps getting better.

The mystery surrounding Jackson, the kanima and the kanima’s master deepened on this week’s episode. Viewers were finally clued in, somewhat, on what is going on with Lydia. Too bad none of her friends were around to get what will likely prove to be some very important information about the true identity of Lydia’s Rory Gilmore doppelganger.

So here is what we now know about Jackson . . .

– Jackson’s kanima alter ego seems set upon a mission of carrying out a murderous vendetta.

– Jackson’s human persona soared to new heights of douche-baggery by getting Scott and Stiles in trouble. It was particularly frustrating to see him implicate Scott after the Teen Wolf was so adamant about saving Jackson from his kanima self. He was equally infuriating in the boys’ locker room with Allison but I suspect that he was being controlled at that time. Or at least I hope he was.

– Jackson can swallow a snake whole and then expel it through his eye. That scene made me ill.
The fact Mama Argent could explain away the damage done to the school without raising eyebrows is as disturbing as the manner in which the family has taken over the school without anyone thinking it suspicious.

Thankfully, the Teen Wolf writers did not limit the knowledge of Gerald’s interaction with the kanima to Chris and those of us watching at home. Derek noticed the exchange as well and now Grandpa Argent is on his radar. Always the wise one, Derek also realized that his current pack is in no position to take on the kanima and its master.

After two massively destructive fights in the locker room and library, Scott conceded that his pack is no position to tackle the kanima/kanima master. Although I’m glad Scott and Derek are teaming up, I sincerely hope that Derek does not agree to go with Scott’s plan. Scott is caring and protective but way short on common sense at times. Speaking of which . . .

Why does Scott’s mom seem oblivious to the cold, creepy vibe Mrs. Argent exudes without even the slightest attempt to hide it? Further, if you find condoms in your son’s room why is your first reaction to go to the mother of the girl you suspect is having sex with him? Why not run it by Scott first? The Argents have never been nice to Scott’s mom, so I can’t understand why she is so open and nice to crazy Mama Argent.

Finally, this week’s episode confirmed that Lydia’s mysterious crush was a young Peter Hale. It looks like Jackson is not the only teen under someone’s control.

It wouldn’t be an episode of Teen Wolf without some entertaining, campy levity. Stiles was in rare form this week. First he asked the ridiculous question about the implications of Jackson’s restraining order upon a simultaneous need to use a bathroom with only two stalls. Next, it was his dismay at being part of Scott’s punishment. “No more Stiles?” Indeed, the Teen Wolf world would be a much darker place without our favorite Ritalin-popping, sarcasm wielding son of Sheriff Stilenski.

Overall, a great episode. What did you think of Teen Wolf this week? Sound off below!