Storage Wars “From Russia With Chucks” & “The Full Monty-Bello” Reviews

Storage Wars returned tonight from its 4th of July hiatus with “From Russia With Chucks”, as the buyers make their way to Storage Outlets in Gardena. Some pretty interesting developments took place right off the bat, as we see that the new buyer Jeff Jarred is returning in place of Dave Hester. It’s a little strange that Dave is still so active on his Twitter feed during the episodes, and that he plays so heavily into the promotion and advertisements for the show, but he’s been conspicuously absent multiple times this season.

Jeff Jarred did come off quite a bit better this week though, as he bought the bedroom unit for $1,050. He ended up only making $630 back on his russian nesting dolls and some other odds and ends, but he did a lot to curry more favor with this reviewer. Jeff came off pretty terribly in the last installment, as his first impression was that of a whiny snitch that accused everybody of ganging up on him. I’m hoping he can continue to be a bit more lighthearted in his episodes, and here’s hoping Hester comes back as a series regular soon!

Moving on, Brandi stole a full unit of “Thriftique” chairs from Jeff Jarred, and they ended up finding some old mechanic tools and motorcycle parts as well! I was genuinely amazed how much they got for those rusty old wrenches. My jaw dropped when the mechanic told them that they were $300! I wouldn’t have paid more than ten bucks at a yard sale.

Darrell spent $140 on a unit with a designer purse, but it turned out to be “Goach” brand and only worth five bucks. He was able to make his money back in spades though, as he found a nice little collection of Chuck Taylor Converse sneakers and ended up coming out as the victor with $860.

Unfortunately, Barry didn’t get a unit this episode, which immediately brings my interest down. At least he got to help out at Brandi and Jarrod at their appraisal, and he also got to ride off into the sunset in his awesome Deco Liner car. As he says on his Twitter feed: “More room for the ladies!” You go for it, Barry!

The next episode, “The Full Monty-Bello”, takes the buyers to Handy Self Storage in the industrial town of Montebello. Despite an irritating little spat between the Tank Top Twins involving Darrell accusing Brandon of not “Carrying the load”, there wasn’t much pre-bid drama to discuss before the buyers get right into it.

Jarrod made a perplexing bid of $800 on a unit that didn’t look like it was worth half that much, and he ended up losing $300 on the unit. However, that wasn’t all he lost. Mark, Jarrod’s right hand man that we’ve seen on quite a few episodes on the show, inexplicably walked off and left Jarrod and Brandi in the middle of emptying the locker. We haven’t really seen any emotions out of Mark on the show in the past, so this whole thing came as quite a shock to me. He’s been a little disapproving of some of Jarrod’s buying choices, but is that really his problem? It’s Jarrod who’s losing the money! There must be something going on behind the scenes that we aren’t aware of, and I’m sure a story will come out regarding their split in the future.

Barry spent $1,800 on a unit with two motorized wheelchairs, since his affinity for things wheels and motors is well-known. He also happened to find something else with a motor and wheels: A robot lawnmower. These things are basically Roombas for your lawn, and I was under the impression they were quite expensive, but I guess Barry didn’t care much about trying to fix the expensive piece of technology. Nope, he was just itching for an excuse to smash it with a tractor. Hey Barry, maybe you’re just supposed to adjust the blade so that it cuts lower? Just a thought.

After Barry wins his locker, we take a bit of a strange turn as we shift to Costa Mesa to see a locker that Dave Hester won. Well…at least we think he won, because we didn’t even see him win an auction. We just saw him emptying out a locker filled with miscellaneous junk. When I saw him take out those 100 year old stock certificates, though, my heart skipped a beat. Some of those stocks can be worth millions of dollars nowadays, and if even one of those things was redeemable, he would be set for life! Alas, not a one was worth anything, but he ended up coming out $1,185 ahead on the locker anyway. I know I’ve been complaining about Hester being absent, but this is NOT what I want. Either find a way to include him in the auctions with the rest of the buyers, or leave him out entirely. I don’t want to see him empty out some other locker we know nothing about.

Darrell got a pretty crappy locker full of toys dumped on him by Jarrod for $850, but that set off a bit of a hot streak as he ended up buying three more units! He ends up making a killing on some restaurant equipment and PEZ dispensers and makes a whopping profit of $21,700! This puts Darrell comfortably in the lead in our standings, and it’ll be interesting to see if anybody else can topple him as the season continues next week! See you all then!


Barry: $11,572
Darrell: $29,870
Dave: $9,335
Jarrod & Brandi: $9,205
Jeff: $7,229

Random Thoughts:

– I did get a gratifying feeling when Jarrod got to yell at Brandi for a change while she rooted through her unit. The poor guy gets yelled at and criticized so much, it was nice to see the shoe on the other foot for a change.

– I can’t help but think Mark’s dramatic walk-off would have been a bit more impressive if he didn’t pull up his shirt and expose his sizable gut.

– Was anybody else annoyed how quickly Barry gave up on that poor lawnmower? All lawnmowers come with the blades heightened, it’s just a matter of lowering the blades so they meet the grass! He found the users manual in the locker! Read it!