Perception “Pilot” Review – How Can We Know What’s Real or What Isn’t?

Perception (TNT) Pilot Episode 1 (5)

The premiere of TNT’s new drama Perception was one of the few summer shows that I’ve been excited to catch. I’m normally a prime season kind of girl, but Perception was an excellent start to my summer watches.

Not only is Eric McCormack wonderful as Daniel Pierce, the schizophrenic professor, but I was pleasantly surprised by Rachael Leigh Cook’s ability to step into the role of FBI agent Kate Moretti, ex-student of Daniel Pierce. Kate returns to Chicago and enlists the help of Pierce in a murder case that the FBI is working on.

Pierce is a professor of neuroscience and is pretty brilliant. He can spot mental illness a mile away, can solve anagrams faster than most people can read, but one problem – he sees things that aren’t always there. This doesn’t stop him from being awesome, though. When Kate calls on him to help with the murder case, Pierce needs a bit of coaxing to jump back into helping the FBI. He meets with a woman that has confessed to killing her husband, and quickly realizes that she is not guilty, but needs psychiatric help.

Perception then takes us on a ride through conspiracy theories, pharmaceutical companies, and affairs of the heart (yeah I typed that). What I found most interesting about Perception ties into the title of this review. I really found it intriguing when Pierce started seeing people that weren’t actually there and the way that he interacted with his hallucinations. Initially, I had no idea if what he was seeing was actually happening or if it was because of his illness. So, kudos to the writers for making me interested up until the credits rolled with that plot point.

Pierce is a really interesting character because he’s so incredibly intelligent, but has this sickness that can be debilitating at times. I’m curious to see this progress and find out if he can continue to keep things under control or if it will spiral further. I also appreciate his dry humor and really hope that continues through the series. On a more fangirl note – Kelly Rowan!! I was beyond thrilled to see her back on my screen. I will forever love her from my “I want a mom like Kirsten Cohen” phase when The OC aired.

Anyway, if you’re into crime dramas with characters that you become attached to from the start, check out Perception on TNT.

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