Breaking Bad Season 4 Rewind

Breaking Bad

With season five of Breaking Bad debuting soon (Sunday!), I thought it would be prudent if we took a look back at season four including major plot point and maybe a dash of predictions thrown in for good measure. Let’s jump right in.

The continued evolution of Jesse Pinkman

For four seasons, we’ve watched Jesse evolve from small-time meth pusher to a whip smart guy with a little bit of toughness. The tough guy act is still a little new to him, but watching Walt grow increasingly more despicable has made Jesse seem considerably more likable as a character. In the beginning, we all sympathized with Walt, made excuses for him, and tried to justified his increasingly heinous actions. Now, it’s difficult to look at Walt as anything but a complete monster. Jesse becomes the guy to root for by default. You know, as much as you can root for a guy who deals drugs and murders people. Hey, at least he didn’t try to poison a kid. If you’re looking for evidence of Jesse’s evolution (and Aaron Paul’s brilliance as an actor), then you shouldn’t look any further than “Problem Dog.”

Walt goes full Heisenberg

We’ve seen the incremental changes in the character throughout the run of the series, but season four really swung the pendulum to the Heisenberg side in a dramatic way. The word “Heisenberg” wasn’t mentioned a ton last season, but the presence of that name was felt in many scenes as we watched Walt head deeper into the abyss. After seeing the latest trailer for the new season, it’s hard to imagine that Walter White isn’t going to completely cease to exist by the end of the eight episodes scheduled for this summer.

The opening in the meth market

With the destruction of the Cartel (for now), and the death of Gustavo Fring (one of the greatest TV villains of all time), a large void in the methamphetamine distribution market has opened. Once again, looking at the season 5 trailer, it seems like Walt Heisenberg intends to fill it. The transition definitely will not be smooth. While Walter White has turned into a hardened criminal mind, he doesn’t have the requisite experience to handle something on this scale. Plus, I don’t think the Cartel is to have trouble finding new management to get business going again.

Who knows what season 5 will bring? No matter what, it’s sure to be an intense, edge-of-your-seat race to the finish.

Season 5 of Breaking Bad premieres Sunday, July 15, at 10 PM on AMC. We’re almost there.