True Blood “Let’s Boot and Rally” Review

This week’s episode of True Blood picked up with Sookie and Alcide getting hot and heavy as Bill and Eric looked on. Poor Alcide, he was this close to finally getting what he had longed for ever since he laid eyes on that troubled, tempting fairy. Unfortunately he forgot that Sookie had consumed copious amounts of alcohol and was likely the only one shocked that the moment ended with vomit on his feet. I totally get the allure of Eric and Bill but Alcide is so warm and muscular . . . I digress.

Lafayette’s got voices in his head and brujols haunting his house. We haven’t seen any spirits leaping into his mouth, so it would appear that our beloved Lala is losing it. And by losing it, I’m not ready to deem him certifiable and book him a room next to his mom – I think he’s just losing the battle with his current spiritual foe. It looks like Jesus is trying to give him some insight from beyond but Lafayette’s mother appears to be the only one who understands what is being said through his sewn up mouth. It’s great to see Alfre Woodard return to True Blood.

And the award for the most precious thing I’ve seen on True Blood since Emma turned into a tiny wolf was Jason in He-Man footed pajamas. Those jammies may actually trump Pam’s adorable Wal-Mart sweatsuit. Unfortunately, not even He-Man could offset how disturbing Jason’s nightmare was. Ick!

Speaking of clothes (or lack thereof) . . .

Cheese and crackers, why have we been exposed to so many scenes of Andy in the nude? I loved that now that Andy is getting a little loving and frolicking around in the nude, he’s using hip terms such as “supes” for supernatural.

Moving on to someone who managed to keep her clothes on, I enjoyed seeing Tara out of the over-sized Fangtasia tee and all vamped out! Poor baby vamp, all dressed up in Pam’s borrowed clothes and then humiliated in front of everyone for reckless Sanguinista-like behavior. On the bright side, Tara finally found a trusted confidante in Jessica. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen Tara smile and laugh.

Deborah Ann Woll has been a standout this season. She has such great chemistry with virtually everyone with whom she shares scenes – Jason, Steve Newlin, Bill and now Tara. Let’s hope the ladies don’t let Hoyt, clad in guy-liner and 80s goth attire, get in the way of what could be a great friendship. Send Hoyt back to his mama!

Finally, we got more details on the release of Russell Edgington and actually got our first peek at him in fully restored form. It was not a huge surprise to learn that someone from the Authority released him. It’s clear that Nora and Drew were not the only Sanguinistas in the fold. I’m not even sure that Drew was the real enemy. As soon as I saw the woman in the Authority’s pendant freeing Russell, I suspected it was Salome. Something is seriously off about that woman and she’s got Roman entranced by her ancient, ahem goods.

Terry and Patrick came face to face with their crazed, firebug comrade. This was a teachable moment viewers. Do not go meddling into secret, underground hideaways in the wee hours of the night! Terry and his comrades are being haunted by a smokey, supernatural creature that I wish would take up less screen time!

I wasn’t a fan of the anti-Vampire movement and I’m definitely not in the mood to watch the hate spread towards the shifters. It is does not help that one of them insisted upon wearing a discolored Barack Obama mask. Blech. Pack up the anti-shifters, the smokey supe haunting Terry and send them off to Mississippi to be with Debbie Pelt’s family, never to be seen or heard from again!

There were a lot of people and a lot of action in this week’s episode of True Blood. I have such mixed feelings about what we’ve seen so far this season. The show never fails to entertain me but it is in serious need of a large-scale reduction in characters and plots. What did you think of this week’s episode? Sound off below!