Eureka “Double Take” Review

Eureka Double Take Review

Tonight’s penultimate Eureka brings us the exciting end to the doppelganger storyline that started during last week’s “Mirror, Mirror”. Evil Holly and rest of the duplicates slowly assimilate other Eurekans and plug them into the Matrix from earlier this season. Though their plans are stopped by Allison, Zane, and Fargo, it’s the Department of Defense that has the last word on what happens to the town of Eureka (and it’s not good news).

While I liked how the duplicates storyline started last week, I admit to having some mixed feeling of how much “Double Take” was resembling Invasion of the Body Snatchers. I think the writers went from homage to over the top a few times, especially some of the chase scenes with Allison in the forest or the rest of the duplicates closing in on the cabin. They make up for this shortcoming by throwing in plenty of sci-fi references into the episode, which are fun for the viewers to try and catch. Some of the better ones tonight were Parrish’s failed plan to use the Star Wars prisoner plan to bluff his way past security and Holly comparing her situation that of the alien queen from Alien. I think the writers also tied in a little bit of 2001: A Space Odyssey in the episode by making the Matrix NPC’s act on the last directive they received, similar to what HAL does in the movie.

I’ve been really enjoying Evil Carter in the last couple of episodes as well as earlier this season when he was in the Matrix. While I think a lot of it has to do with Colin Ferguson’s acting skills, I think its also because we get to see Carter break out of his usual small town Sheriff in scientific mega town shell. I’m glad because I think the writers have been able to use this as a new way to highlight Ferguson’s acting, as well as a way to reintroduce us to a different side of Carter. I actually was hating the Evil Carter so much that I cheered when S.A.R.A.H. tasseled him, the fact that they froze him in long term storage at the end of episode makes me think the writers were hoping to use him again in the future.

Some of the other outstanding acting moments this episode involved characters with surprising twists. First was Felicia Day convincing Fargo that she was back to normal and asking for his help (hell I bought into it all the way until she turned the tables on him). The second was Chris Gauthier (Vincent) making you think he was helping everyone by locking them in the freezer (yeah that should’ve been our first clue something was up) and then showing his true colors to Evil Jo and Andy. Moments like these are what you get when you have writing and acting combining perfectly on a show, especially when you can get Wil Wheaton playing Good Parrish versus Evil Parrish in the same scene.

Throughout “Double Take” I was wondering how they were going to start tying up the loose ends in preparations for next week’s finale and was surprised when not much was wrapped up. Sure, Holly’s memory wipe (poor Fargo, no luck at all!) could be seen as an easy out for her to leave the show , but everything else was still pretty much in the air. Then we get the conversation between Carter and Allison about leaving Eureka and moving, followed up by Shaw coming in and declaring that the DOD is shutting Eureka down. It seems like a clear path to ending the show next week even if it seems convenient that the military is shutting things down. You have to remember though, that this episode was originally meant as the Season 5 finale, and I think the cancellation was not finalized until either this episode was filmed or almost ready to be filmed. SyFy gave the show an extra episode to wrap things up, since it would have been hard to try to end things with this storyline without having to do redo the later part of the season. Imagine how awesome it would have been if this was how Eureka was heading into next season? The storylines of the scientist trying to stop the military from shutting down the time could have been epic. We could have even seen Fargo get a second chance at courting Holly? (which maybe meant a second chance for Dr. Parrish as well?) Alas, we instead get one more time to visit Sheriff Carter and friends before the show rides off into the sunset.

My Favorite Parts from “Double Take”:

– “My resurrected girlfriend is the Manchurian Candidate.” – Fargo
– “I taste like chicken.” – Parrish after getting taste of his dematerialized duplicate
– “This is Jack’s evil twin, not a puppy!” – Allison after S.A.R.A.H. takes down Evil Carter
– “Brain-jacking really, really, sucks.” – Holly
– Parrish’s Star Wars plan to sneak past the guards out of GD not working
– “Instead, I’m popping out aliens like the queen on LV-426!” – Holly (with an excellent Alien shout out writers!)
– ‘Now what?’ “Now we do it the hard way.” – Evil Jo and Carter
– “Do you have an Off switch?” – Evil Carter to Holly
– Fargo’s Night Vision Glasses, would love to get a pair for me
– “Daddy’s very angry.” – Evil Carter in the creepiest line of the season
– “I just hate myself sometimes” – Good Carter to Evil Carter

Well, the end is finally nigh for Eureka. How will the town’s citizens wrap things up? The way any good science fiction show would, wormholes! Are we in for more timeline shenanigans? Or are we going to get a complete Newhart like ending to show? Tune in to the last Eureka, “Just Another Day”, next Monday at 9 PM on SyFy.