Drop Dead Diva “Rigged” Review

This week on Drop Dead Diva, Jane represents the wife of a man who died in an oil rig accident, and Parker attempts to stop Elisa from taking Eric away to Canada. Also, Jane’s personal life takes an interesting turn after Owen leaves town to visit a friend after an accident.

I love that Jane takes on cases where she can actually help individuals rather than corporations, but ‘Rigged’ felt like a bit…same-y. Grieving widows, heartless businessmen — DDD has done it all before. That’s not to say that the case wasn’t enjoyable in parts; I loved Teri’s firing and that everyone got involved with the engagement party, even if it’s probably part of Luke’s dastardly plan to keep Jane and Grayson apart. It’s a shame the new assistant wasn’t to be, though — Teri could do with an office mate to conspire with.

Parker trying to keep his son close was incredibly moving. It’s easy to understand where Elisa’s coming from in regards to her being the one Eric needs most — because she is, she’s all he’s known for most of his life. But to see her using what Parker did and said in the past against him, disregarding the fact he had no knowledge of his son’s existence, was frustrating. As was Elisa arguing that she’s doing ‘what’s best’ for Eric by going to Canada to be a nurse. No, it’s what she wants to do — surely the best thing for Eric would be to take the job in the city he knows, near to his father, which offers better financial incentives? That Parker and Elisa came to a truce in the end was great, but how often will Parker actually get to see Eric now? Hopefully this isn’t the end of the plotline because it feels unsatisfying.

(Side note: Tennis player Serena Williams played Elisa’s laywer. She’s a surprisingly good actress, much better than Kim Kardashian was. It would be nice to see her back in future episodes.)

Now, how about Owen? Jane spent the whole episode waiting for him to contact her after his impromptu trip to visit a sick friend, only to learn that his friend is just fine and dandy. Jane’s instant reaction is to assume that Owen has run out on her, which seems a bit excessive on both counts. Given that he only recently decided marriage wasn’t a waste of paper, and given how Jane has been a bit over the top (engagement announcements? Really?), why didn’t she assume that he might have lied to get a bit of space to think things through? I’m really hoping that’s what Owen had done, because of this is a way of getting rid of him to make way for possible Jane/Grayson, it feels like a cop-out. What do you think, dear reader?

Overall, a decent episode. The outcome of the cases and Jane’s relationship isn’t too appealing but hopefully this episode serves as setup for better things to come in the weeks ahead.

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