7 TV Character Personality Traits I Would Like To Have

The Finder, NCIS, Fairly Legal, White Collar, Suits, Warehouse 13, Franklin & Bash

Lately I have been musing about what attracts me to a particular TV program. Doubtless there are several aspects to this, such as particular actors, show themes, or maybe even time slots or lead-ins.

But what about the characters in the show? Am I drawn to shows with characters that are similar to me? Or maybe I am looking for shows that have characters with traits I admire but do not possess? After all, as humans, we are continually re-evaluating our lives, and hopefully seeking to improve ourselves.

I do know that there are characters on TV that I cannot stand – at all – to the point of my not watching those shows. Other shows that I feel very strongly about seem to be filled with characters that I can relate to on a personal level. These characters, in the real world, would likely be my friends. Therefore, it is only logical that I would like to acquire some of their personality traits to improve myself.

Harvey – Suits – politically savvy

Harvey Specter - Suits

I hate politics. In fact, hate is not a strong enough word to express my feelings about politics. I loathe the games that some people play, the way they pretend to be your friend and at the same time stick a knife in your back. I literally cannot stand to be around those people.

Harvey, on the other hand, not only seems to like the game of politics, but is very, very good at it! While there is some question about who first said “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer,” I think that Harvey has the perfect ability to do just that. And, the longer I live, the more I can appreciate his skill.

Gibbs – NCIS – lie detector

Gibbs - NCIS

While I can sometimes tell when I am being lied to, in general, I can’t. This can be a real problem when I am being fed a line of baloney, and possibly contributes to my lack of skill at the politics game as mentioned above.

Gibbs, on the other hand, not only can tell when people are lying or telling the truth, he can also get them to admit that they are lying, sometimes with just a look! Just imagine how useful that skill would be.

Neal – White Collar – grace under pressure

Neal Caffrey - White Collar

When life throws a curveball, which is a regular occurrence, most people, me included, don’t react in a calm manner. Histrionics, raised voices, gnashing of teeth – whatever you call it, it is not usually a good thing.

To me, Neal is the perfect example of grace under pressure. He never seems to break a sweat, even in the most dangerous or tight situations, and he has been in many of them. I suppose it is a necessary skill to be a successful con man, but it also really helps when one of their missions goes sideways, which seems to happen very often!

Kate – Fairly Legal – top mediator

Kate Reed - Fairly Legal

As a mother, I like to think I have acquired some skills in helping people resolve differences. But dealing with children is very different than dealing with adults.

As much as I am annoyed by her personal love life and her lack of ability to just make up her mind regarding it, Kate’s skills in negotiating settlements as a mediator are unparalleled. She is able to bring together different sides and get them to a point where they can all live with the agreement. And, in negotiating her settlements, she always strives for what is fair and just. A very handy and admirable skill to have!

Pete – Warehouse 13 – pure joy and wonder

Pete Lattimer - Warehouse 13

One of the things I adore about Warehouse 13 is the character Pete. He is like a little boy on Christmas morning, thoroughly lost in the moment and enjoying every last present with sheer delight.

His job is to “bag and tag,” i.e., retrieve and secure dangerous artifacts that have special powers, most of which are dangerous to the unaware. Every time he hears about an artifact that explains something that the rest of us attribute to the strangely unknown, he gets so excited and has been heard to exclaim “I knew it!” I think most people would love to have a job that gives such joy!

Walter – The Finder – don’t sweat the small stuff

Walter - The Finder

Ok, I admit it; I worry about pretty much everything. Actually, I have been getting a bit better after working on this trait for many years, but as my family can attest, I still have a long way to go.

Walter, probably because of his brain injury, does not seem to worry about anything. He just carries on, and thankfully has steadfast friends that are there to help him when his lack of worrying gets him into trouble.

Jared and Peter – Franklin and Bash – snappy comebacks

Jared and Peter - Franklin & Bash

How many times have you experienced this – the “morning after” or maybe “later that night” – when you finally think of the perfect retort? How annoying is that? I think most of us have experienced this at some point, maybe many times.

Not so for these boys! They are witty, and always ready with the perfect comeback in all foreseeable situations! I wish that I had that gift of snappy comebacks and always ready retorts so there would not be any more “I wish I had said that” moments.


So, now that you have read my list, whose personality traits would you like to acquire? And, do you think that is part of what draws you to a TV show? I look forward to reading your thoughts in the comment section below.