More Casting Announcements Made By ‘Once Upon a Time’

Once Upon a Time Jamie Chung and Sarah Bolger

The town of Storybrooke has just gained two more princesses: actresses Jamie Chung and Sarah Bolger will be joining the ABC fairytale drama Once Upon a Time this fall.

Chung, best known to movie goers for her roles in ‘Hangover 2’ and ‘Sucker Punch’, and Bolger, who appeared in ‘The Tudors’, will have the recurring roles of Mulan and Sleeping Beauty respectively.

Mulan’s character is described as “having been trained in weaponry, tracking and riding, but has a spirituality that enhances her tactical and strategic abilities. She has suffered past betrayals, so her trust is hard-won, but once she gives her oath of friendship her loyalty knows no boundaries”.

Not much has been revealed about Sleeping Beauty as yet, but hopefully the creators of the show – Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz – will give some spoilers at next week’s Comic Con.

Besides her work on ‘The Tudors’, Bolger has appeared in the box office films ‘The Spiderwick Chronicles’, ‘Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker’ and ‘The Moth Diaries’. As for Chung, she has appeared in episodes of ‘Days of Our Lives’, the mini-series ‘Samurai Girl’, the made-for-TV movie ‘Princess Protection Program’ and the box office film ‘Dragonball: Evolution’.

‘Once Upon a Time’ will be back for its second season this October on ABC. [Sources: Entertainment Weekly and TV Line]