Wilfred “Letting Go” Review – Long Hugs Are Awkward…

WILFRED: Key Art. L-R: Jason Gann as Wilfred and Elijah Wood as Ryan. CR: FX.

Did anyone else think that “Letting Go” felt more like the season premiere of Wilfred than last week’s crazed dream sequence, we don’t really know what’s real, episode? Because I did.

In “Letting Go” we get to see what actually happened in Drew and Jenna’s relationship, and how the constant bickering and fighting are taking it’s toll on Jenna… which would mean great news for Ryan in the future.

However, Drew did help Wilfred recover from his car accident, and now the dog seems to adore Drew… not really sure what happened there. “Letting Go” also lets us take a peek into Ryan’s new job and we got to see how Ryan and Wilfred become best friends again.

Ryan enters Wilfred into a dog competition and Don Swayze guest stars as a creepy (really creep) drug dealer that sells Ryan steroids to give Wilfred for a “pick me up”. In what was probably the most awkward 30 or so seconds in television history, the exchange goes down with a really, really, REALLY long hug. Prefaced by the equally awkward line: “I want it to be tender, like we’re sisters at a funeral…”

Oh, so deeply disturbing.

But so wonderfully disturbing at the same time!

Ryan has a change of heart (of course) and doesn’t give Wilfred any drugs – but the second he let’s the dog off of his leash, Wilfred just destroys the obstacle course. Right then, Wilfred was back with a vengeance.

So, a solid second episode that should have probably been placed as the season premiere, but I’ll look past the episode placement and wait for next week and more Wilfred shenanigans!