Saving Hope “Out of Sight” Review

Saving Hope (NBC) Out of Sight Episode 5

Brace yourself Saving Hope fans. I don’t mean to alarm you, but I kind of liked this episode. If nothing else, it is my favorite episode of the young series.

One of the things that the show does well is play the emotional beats. This episode seemed to have it in spades. The core of the series is about coping with loss. They show it with patients, but this week we saw some real progress in Alex’s character. Up to now, she has been struggling to find ways to wake up her husband, taking double shifts at the hospital, and doing product placement for the energy drink, Power Drink (tagline: When you have no energy to think up a cool name for your energy drink.). This week, the show gave us parallel stories surrounding Alex loosening her hold on Charlie and Charlie dealing with a fellow coma patient. Both stories just worked from an emotional standpoint. I wish that we saw more of this type of show. I feel like it would be a far more compelling show.

Charlie’s story had me engaged from the start. Granted, you knew the guy’s cavalier attitude towards his condition was really masking a deeper pain, but it was very moving when you found out from where the pain stemmed. The ex-wife didn’t do a great job of showcasing the pain and regret she felt, but she didn’t have to do much. The moment spoke for itself. It was a truly meaningful moment in the lives of the ex-wife, coma patient Scott, and Charlie. The great part about the moment was that it wasn’t a galvanizing moment for Charlie. If anything, it made him realize the true hopelessness of his situation. He wants more than anything to be with Alex again, but he doesn’t know how to get there. I was truly amazed. I was legitimately touched by that entire scene.

I loved using Charlie and Alex’s apartment as an important setting this week. When she walks in to see her life frozen in the moment that she left, you think it’s going to overwhelm her. However, she doesn’t get overwhelmed until the party at her place after a successful surgery. It’s not her current life that overwhelms her. It’s the thought of her life without Charlie. For anyone fortunate enough to be with someone that means that much to them, it’s a pretty powerful moment. I wasn’t a big fan of the maniacal laughter transferring into uncontrollable sobbing, but I guess that’s the best way to do it in the constrictions of a network television drama.

As for the case of the week, it had an interesting premise. The hand reattachment idea caught my attention because I hadn’t seen it in the context of the medical drama. (For the record, I readily admit to not watching a ton of medical dramas over the years.) I know they were using the surgery merely as a prop to have Alex get her mojo back and reestablish herself at the top of the surgical resident food chain, but I couldn’t help but think how much more interesting it would have been if she lost her spot. If she’s forced to choose from being vigilant by Charlie’s bedside or losing her place in the hospital, what would she choose? You would assume it was Charlie, but I would be interested to watch that scenario play out.

That’s my biggest issue with the show: Too often, they have the opportunity to go for something interesting, but they always take the neat and tidy way out. They are certainly not the only show guilty of it, but the do a good enough job with the emotional beats that there is a chance for a really interesting show in there. For now, I’ll just have to settle for nights like tonight when things come together a little bit. Let’s see if we can make it two in a row next week.

*Quick thoughts:

*When is this show set? Scott the Coma Guy said he was in a coma for 27 years. He also said that the last time he saw his wife was in 1987. Was there a point where we established this show was set in 2014? Are the writers really that shortsighted that they thought no one would pick up on that? If I missed something, please let me know. It seems so egregious that I’m willing to admit I’m an idiot if I did miss something.

*I know I promised to not talk about the lens flare anymore, but I have a positive lens flare thought. I didn’t seem to notice it very much this episode. I attempted to locate the director to give him/her some praise, but IMDB didn’t have it. Thanks again for your help with TV related queries, IMDB.

*I don’t know how much the Psych guy is getting paid on this show, but he’s stealing money. He’s credited as a series regular and may be the most ineffectual character in television history.

*Where has Alex been for the past 5 weeks? I assume she’s staying in the hospital, but who’s doing her laundry? Did she run out to the drug store for toiletries? I have so many questions about the past 5 weeks.

*I purposefully didn’t discuss any of the Maggie Lin storyline. I think we can all agree to just drive through on that one, right?

What did you guys think? Was this week really the best episode of the series, or is watching this show slowly turning me insane?