Rookie Blue “Messy Houses” Review

Rookie Blue Messy Houses Season 3 Episode 5
Domestic drama was the name of the game in “Messy Houses,” this week’s episode of Rookie Blue. It seemed like everyone was involved in a family problem of some sort, a few more easily resolved than others, but none of them lacking emotional impact.

At the scene of a domestic violence call, Andy and Chris had a gun pulled on them by a stupid, scared kid who just wanted his parents to stop fighting, his mother to stop taking drugs and his father to stop selling weapons. Easy enough requests, right? In the process of dealing with the situation, Andy discovered that the mother who abandoned her when she was twelve is not only back in town, but is working for Child Protective Services.

Cue the mommy issues! Andy has a lifetime of resentment pent up, but her mother is surprisingly nonchalant about it, almost as if she’s just paying lip service to actually wanting a relationship with her daughter. How long has she been back? How many times since Andy turned eighteen could she have tried to contact her? I think I’m going to side with Andy on this one; even if her father was a bad husband and deserved to be left, a mother should never abandon her child.

Meanwhile, it was Dov’s first day back on duty since the fatal shooting and he found himself digging through an elderly hoarder’s house to find the man’s missing wife with Shaw who eventually revealed that he’d been kicked out of his house by his wife. Eventually they found the wife, sadly dead beneath a pile of trash, but not after Shaw broke the poor guy’s heart by making him entertain the possibility that the wife left him because of his hoarding.

I continue to severely dislike Gail Peck. Seriously, does anyone have a worse attitude than her? I get why men like her, but it’s little wonder why they don’t stick around. She is my candidate for the worst character currently on TV.

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