Awkward “Sex, Lies, and the Sanctuary” Review

After discovering that a surveillance camera might have caught her clandestine relationship with Matty on tape, Jenna debated telling Jake who she lost her virginity to in “Sex, Lies, and the Sanctuary,” this week’s episode of Awkward.

I love Jake, but he is just a little too innocent for his own good. It’s true that Matty did a really fantastic job of hiding his relationship with Jenna when it was happening, but has Jake seriously not noticed the awkwardness between his best friend and his girlfriend? He’s going to be in for a rude awakening pretty soon.

But is it Jenna’s responsibility to tell him? On the one hand, honesty is a virtue, but she is not required to disclose anything about when, where or to whom she lost her V-card, and Jake shouldn’t (and as it turns out, didn’t) expect that. He just wanted to be sure that she wasn’t still in love with the mystery guy…but that’s a much bigger problem.

Because Matty, being a dumb guy who only wants something when he can’t have it, decided that this would be the perfect time to tell Jenna that he loves her. He couldn’t have hinted at that when he was banging her in the Sanctuary? Fortunately, those trysts escaped the watchful eye of the camera, but lies have a way of resurfacing when one least expects it.

Speaking of secrets, now that Jenna’s mom knows that Jenna knows that she wrote the carefrontation letter, she’s doing everything in her power to win back her daughter’s love and keep her husband from finding out what she did. But Jenna wisely decided not to tell her father; she just made it clear that if Lacey didn’t confess, their relationship would never be fixed, not even with pie. And she got the idea for that from the anonymous fan of her blog who reminded her that some secrets aren’t hers to tell. Lacey made the right call and told her husband; he looked horrified…expect some fall-out there.

The best thing about this episode was that Ming actually had a story line! Charged with getting the Sanctuary tape before its contents could go viral, she had to appeal to the Asian mean girl who rules 30% of the school. She was informed that she was neither a cool Asian nor a smart Asian, but she was invited to become one or the other. I hope this means that she’ll have more screen time this year; Tamara is starting to get on my nerves.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know below!