Franklin & Bash “L’affaire De La Coeur” Review – Whole Lotta Lovin’ Going On

Franklin & Bash "L'affaire De La Coeur" Season 2 Episode 5

In this week’s episode of Franklin & Bash, called “L’affaire De La Coeur” (Matters of the Heart), there is a whole lotta lovin’ going on.

First up, the boys are asked by a judge to defend him in a case where he is accused with sleeping a lawyer while presiding over her cases. He and his lady claim to be head-over-heels in love and that their affair started after they had worked together. When all the evidence seems to point towards the accusations, I thought the guys were going to lose. Guess I should’ve known better because they of course figure out that it was the judge’s lover and her prisoner boyfriend trying to set the poor guy up.

Meanwhile, Karp is asked by an old college friend to defend him in a case where he is accused of not being gay enough to play in a gay softball league. Once again, all evidence seems to point towards Karp losing the case until an interesting development occurs. Turns out Karp’s friend really is gay, and had a big crush on Karp back in their college days.

While the two cases may have centered on love, they didn’t exactly end up there. But Peter and Janie did. Well they at least had some lust. Not sure if I see that as love, yet. I’m happy that Peter is happy again, but I have to worry about those two. They didn’t make it work the first time, which means their chances this time could be slim. Also I haven’t decided if I really like Janie yet, but I’m going to wait to see them together more before making a final judgment.

My favorite bits..

The boys demonstrating sexual positions in the mockup of the airplane bathroom. Scenes like that make me look forward to the gag reel next year.

The boys each getting ready to be handcuffed in their own way. It made me giggle that Jared put his hands in front of him while Peter turned around and put his hands behind him.

“Does this mean we get a do-over?”

Karp changing his mind when Lance pointed out that taking his case would help him with the gay vote.

“You phone sex in Latin? Really?”

Everyone continuing to refer to Lance as Karp’s “boyfriend” despite his protests.

“That’s a family movie.”
“This one stars HUGE Jackman.”

“She’s dead.”
“Probably not a threat.”

“I remember the day when popping the collar on your polo was enough to get you backstage at the chorus line.”

Hanna’s military-grade gaydar (aka the “Cooper test”).

“It’s like I’m caught in Crazy Town.”

Peter busting out some French.

“I’m not scared.”
“You’re holing my arm.”
“No I’m not.”

Lance pointing out that Karp bringing every heterosexual with him to a gay bar wasn’t going to protect him from the gayness.

Peter and Janie both calling Jared “assface” and the fact that he responded to it like it was a perfectly normal nickname.

The boys passing the money back and forth as they each kept winning bets.

Peter and Janie getting past the flirtation and finally doing the deed…again.

Realizing that Lance had feelings for Karp..about five second before Karp did. Aw, that was kind of sweet.

Oh snap! Loved how the boys got the lawyer to admit she was having an affair with the prisoner.

Infeld dancing on the baseball field.

Karp taking offense that Lance wasn’t attracted to him anymore, and asking what parts of his body he needed to get in shape.

Peter picking “Jelly Roll” as his mob name, and picking Peter’s as “Juice Box.” – Ha!

What did you think of this episode of Franklin & Bash? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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