Dallas “Truth and Consequences” Review

I can’t tell you how much I loved the fact that, as the title “Truth and Consequences” would imply, big things happened in this week’s episode of Dallas. That’s both surprising and promising for a show that’s only a couple of episodes into its run, but the best part is that there are still secrets and lies waiting in the wings.

To my great shock, nobody interrupted Rebecca before she could tell Christopher that she and her brother were behind the Elena email and that they were basically there to scam the Ewings out of money. The whole grift blew up in their faces and they were both kicked off the ranch in the middle of the party, but only Rebecca was upset about it. Maybe she really does love Christopher. After a heart-to-heart with Ann, it seems like she might be ready to get out from her brother’s thumb, but it will take a lot to convince Christopher to ever give her the time of day again. A baby would probably help with that….c’mon, who didn’t see her getting sick in the preview for next week and automatically yell “preggers!” at their TV?

But the biggest game-changer came in the form of JR’s plan to get Southfork back. He succeeded by buying the ranch from the fake Del Sol’s and getting his name on the deed, but rather than put John Ross on it, too, he handed power of attorney over to his son before following in their shady lawyer’s foodsteps by skipping town. Bobby, of course, was outraged as now there’s nothing stopping his brother and nephew from drilling on Southfork. Christopher was desperate to find a way to overturn the sale and he was willing to play dirty, proving that he got no genetic material from his adopted father. John Ross was pissed that he doesn’t really own Southfork, but he’ll still get to rule in his father’s absence. Ann just wanted to help her husband, even if it meant prostrating herself at the feet of her horrible ex-husband (welcome to Dallas, Mitch Pileggi!) in order to hault the fleet of trucks that will transport the oil off the ranch.

Meanwhile, Elena was trying to recover from the low blows Christopher dealt to her when he still wanted a relationship with his wife and was trying to get rid of her. To her credit, she didn’t exactly run back into John Ross’s arms, but she did end up there after John Ross lied to her face about having anything to do with JR’s take-over. Still, she stood up for herself a drunk Christopher showed up at her door and she refused to help John Ross drill on Southfork. She’s a good egg, one of the very few on the show, and the only good thing Christopher’s done recently was to not show her the DVD he found of John Ross having sex with the fake Marta Del Sol. He spared her feelings, but he kept the evidence, as it proves that John Ross new Marta was a fraud before Bobby sold Southfork to her.

Christopher gave his cousin a choice: sell out his father or go to jail for fraud. What will he choose? Knowing the Ewings, JR might just be in a heap of trouble when he returns. I know I’ll be tuned in to find out. The show has officially hooked me.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know below!