Rizzoli & Isles “Throwing Down the Gauntlet” Review

This week’s episode of Rizzoli & Isles picked up with Angela getting actively involved in glitter-infused politics and Maura using some serious compulsive shopping to avoid her feelings about her biological mother.

Looking at the vast array of Maura’s random purchases, Jane launched into a much needed carefrontration. It only took a few moments of probing questions from Jane for Maura to crack under the pressure and admit she’d already located her biological mother. Like Maura, Dr. Hope is into medicine and has used her talents to help victims of violence across the world. The biggest news was that Dr. Hope had returned to Boston to live.

By the way, Sharon Lawrence was a great choice to play Dr. Hope as she really does resemble Sasha Alexander (Maura).

We got more humorous insight into Jane’s life this week on Rizzoli & Isles. We learned that Sister Winifred (aka Sister Bitcher) scares the crap out of her, we got another reference to Jane’s middle name and we learned that she broke a window with her foot in grade school trying to kill a fly. I agree with Maura, the word flamboyant really has no place on a second grade spelling test. Frankie’s (aka Francesco’s) reaction to seeing Sister Bitcher was equally as funny. How cute was the picture of Jane in Sister Winifred’s internal hell-raiser file?

As Jane retreated from Sister Bitcher in the morgue, Maura realized that she could use one of Dr. Hope’s techniques to get a fingerprint off of the hand of their badly burned victim. Poor Frost. His tying his shoe method was a pretty graceful way of passing out after watching Maura snap off the victim’s finger. As a newbie to the show, I got a pretty good laugh upon learning that Frost’s first name is Barold.

The usually composed Maura was understandably nervous about meeting her biological mother for the first time. While working together, the women discussed Dr. Hope’s history. She revealed that she got pregnant and the baby died at birth. She also wondered if she lost the baby as a result of karma relating to the child’s evil father.

Dr. Hope’s technique worked and the victim finally got an identity. The victim’s identity broke open the case and helped the detective’s solve the crime. Angela’s stint in politics crashed and burned as her candidate turned out to be involved in the murder Jane helped solve. Although Maura and Dr. Hope had a natural rapport, Maura later revealed to Jane that she would never tell Dr. Hope who she was.

Maura finally getting a chance to meet Dr. Hope was the interesting, bittersweet highlight of the episode. I have no doubt that Maura’s identity will be revealed to Dr. Hope and really look forward to watching it play out. What did you think about this week’s episode of Rizzoli & Isles? Sound off below!

  • ptjackson

    I really did enjoy this episode, although I thought bringing back the hunky dude was a bit annoying. I mean, he really is a one note character, and  if they are going to insist on bringing him back, then for goodness sake, please someone tell him why he is unsuccessful with women. That person would be doing some woman a HUGE favor, and will make him more 3 dimensional.

    I too am looking forward to Maura and Her mom actually connecting as mother and daughter – and wonder how they will do it.

    Barold’s name was just revealed this episode, so being new, you missed nothing. 😎

    I also was not totally happy about the way they portrayed the nun – it was a total stereotype, and I am not sure what her purpose in the episode was, except for cheap laughs at the expense of all nuns. I think what annoyed me the most was the fact she treated adults the way she did. While I am not saying that it is ok to treat kids that way, treating adults that way is just stupid.

    • I thought it was a great episode too.  I totally agree about hunky dude and hope that it is set up for something more significant. 

      Like the hunk, I hope the nun is being set up for more than just a stereotype too.  I had my fill of her mistreatment of the adults on the show.  The sheer volume of files not pertaining to criminals but to misdeeds of adults when they were kids was ridiculous.  

      • ptjackson

         Hi! hunky dude was in a previous episode (maybe two), and the first time it was kind of funny, so there has been no growth I have seen – let’s hope they do something about it if the bring him back again.

        And, as for the nun –  totally agree!