Teen Wolf “Frenemy” Review

Teen Wolf (2012) Season 2 Episode 6 Frenemy
The show may be called Teen Wolf but this week’s episode was all about Jackson, the teen Kanima.

Consistent with the previous episodes this season, each revelation in this week’s episode was followed by a new question or problem.

So where to begin . . .

The episode picked up with everyone in hot pursuit of the Kanima – Derek, Scott, Stiles. Oh and somehow the Argents managed to drop by for the fun. The fight scene between Derek in full-on Alpha mode and the Kanima was well choreographed and exciting to watch. Although I have a dislike of the Argents that stems primarily from their role as the main antagonists of the show, I gasped when I thought Chris would become his next victim. Luckily for him, Grandpa Argent (Gerald) intervened.

By the way, what exactly happened to the bullets Chris shot at the Kanima? They seemed to have absolutely no effect on him, which is frightening.

We can now officially count the Argents in on the hunt for the Kanima but the scene raised a few questions. How about that scene with Gerald and the Kanima? This would make a very obvious suggestion that Gerald is the one controlling the Kanima. Teen Wolf, however, does a really good job at building suspense so I seriously doubt that Gerald is the Kanima master. After all, he has his trusty bestiary and years of hunting experience. I think his reaction to the Kanima was based on instinct, nothing more.

If Chris was not already aware that Gerald knew Scott’s secret, he should know now. Gerald wants to use the Kanima to help them get rid of Derek. I dread the day Gerald’s threat to Scott and promise of a favor to be asked some day in the future comes to fruition.

After all the underpass drama, the Kanima set its sights on Danny. I’ve already professed my love and admiration of Danny as one of the show’s most likeable characters and along with Stiles, a constant display of great friendship. Unfortunately, Danny’s good deeds earned him a life-threatening night at the club. As the keeper of the video revealing Jackson’s secret, Danny found himself paralyzed on the floor of the Jungle.

Always the wanna-be Superman, Scott took it upon himself to save Jackson from his Kanima self. This would be a little more reassuring if Scott’s track record was a bit better. Although none of his friends have been killed – yet – they have way too many brushes with death on his watch. Things like that happen, of course, when you’re making out with your girlfriend in a car instead of listening out for the murderous Kanima you’ve trapped in police van with just a pair of handcuffs to restrain him. Did Scott forget how well the handcuffs worked on him?

What did Scott and Stiles get in exchange for trying to help Jackson? A whole lotta trouble. Jackson ran to the sheriff with his litigious dad and accused the two of kidnapping him. As easy as it is to hate Jackson, it was sad to learn that he had not told his parents he loved him since they revealed that he was adopted.

Speaking of hurt people, poor ancient Latin reading Lydia. She unknowingly steps right into the line of danger with her friends, who tell her nothing. She is still reeling from being attacked by the big bad wolf last season and can’t find a friend with the time to listen to her troubles. I suspect that Scott’s pack will some day wish that they’d found some time for her in the midst of their daily activities with the Kanima, Argents and Derek. I’m beginning to question if the Alexis Bledel-looking guy is real or a figment of Lydia’s imagination.

Another great episode of Teen Wolf. There are so many things I’ve come to love about this show, including the moments of humor infused in the suspense and darkness. That said, I present my favorite funny moments of the week:

Moment 1

“I’m a 147 pounds of pale skin and fragile bones, okay. Sarcasm is my only defense.”
Moment 2

Scott: “I know who he’s after.”
Stiles: “How did you know? What? How? Did you smell something?”
Scott: “Armani.” (referencing a previous Teen Wolf episode in which Danny shared his smell good secrets with Scott.)

Moment 3

Scott: “Dude, everyone in here is a dude.”
Stiles: “Nothing gets past those Teen Wolf senses, huh Scott?”

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