Supernatural Chat – Kelly’s Survival Guide To Hiatus

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Here we are, Supernatural fans! It’s been about a month and a half since we said goodbye to season seven of Supernatural and are eagerly awaiting season eight! We have a long way to until our show comes back to us (on a new day – we’re now moved to Wednesday nights beginning in October), and until then, Supernatural fans need to find a way to keep themselves from going through withdrawals!

I pose this question for you, Super-fans, how do you keep yourself going during hiatus? Here are a few of my tips and tricks to keep the fandom alive in my life, even while Supernatural is on their summer hiatus.


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Honestly? Tumblr can be a very scary place for the fans that aren’t die hard fans, or those fans that can’t accept and welcome opinions and theories that are strong and different from theirs. Personally,I love Tumblr. It’s a site that I check at regular intervals throughout my day and that gives me my Supernatural fix like no other site does.

There are Supernatural Confessions where fans can submit their thoughts and opinions on the show, actors, fan base, etc… and let me tell you, there are some colorful conversations that happen on that blog!

Throw in countless blogs of gifs, photo sets, fan art, fan fiction, and Tumblr is a fangirl’s dream.

Facebook Groups

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Facebook is another great place to connect with fans of like minds and hash through episodes and theories. I enjoy Facebook for the quick posting – and the ability to hide anything that I don’t want to see from my wall. I also love the option to comment and carry on conversations with other fans.

There are Facebook groups for just about anything having to do with Supernatural, a “Moosekateers” page, for fans of Jared Padalecki, Misha’s Minions, Supernatural fan art, you name it – Facebook has a page for it! And there are groups set up with specific rules stating that intolerant posts will be rejected and their posters banned from the group. So feel free to argue your opinions without fear of a flame war!


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God bless you, Netflix. When the streaming service added Supernatural to it’s collection, it was one of the best days ever. Not only did I not have to remember what disc my favorite episodes were on any longer, I could stream Supernatural anywhere!

Not gonna lie, this has been awesome when I’m having a particularly horrid day at work. Stream Supernatural in the background and suddenly the incoming calls are tolerable!

If you have Netflix, why not do a rewatch of the series? It’s amazing to see how not only the boys have changed (they both look like infants in season one), but how the writing and story has progressed throughout the seasons. Rewatching also tends to remind me of episodes that I love (Road Kill) but that I don’t think about often.

Fan Fiction

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I know that Fan Fiction is hit or miss with the general population of fans. I will say that I love it. There isn’t a topic out there that a fan hasn’t covered, and I love that reading other fan’s stories tend to make me realize that my thoughts and theories aren’t that crazy or out of the box. Chances are there’s a person out there that feels the same way, and being validated in my thoughts (and not feeling like a crazy person because they crept into my mind) is awesome.

Regardless if you want to read canon fix, real person fic, and even stories that are labeled “alternate universe”, there’s a story out there for everyone and if you find one hard to stomach for whatever reason, there are thousands more out there to satisfy whatever mood you’re in.

Supernatural Chat

Supernatural Chat, TV Equals

Yep. I’m throwing this out there – why not come here and talk about Supernatural? Each week there’s a new topic covered ranging from “best of” moments to long rants about specific episodes, all the way to “oh my lord, can you believe that even happened?!” chats as well.

You name it, we write about it, and love every word we type. It’s a great place to get the conversation started and to keep sane during hiatus!


There are five things that I do to survive hiatus. And I’m sure you guys can recommend a few more to me as well! I’d love to hear from you, so be sure to post your tips and tricks in comments below!

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