True Blood “We’ll Meet Again” Review

Was there anyone from the cast not in this week’s episode of True Blood?

The theme of this week’s episode could have been “Everybody Hates Sookie” – an extreme but understandable sentiment. Sookie’s decision to turn Tara has officially quieted the talk about Andy’s butt picture on Facebook. Good for Andy, bad for Sookie. Everyone is giving her side eye and thinking nasty thoughts, Russell Edgington is certainly in hot pursuit and now she’s got that brujol pissed off. Lafayette may have been accurate in his assessment of Sookie as the angel of death but nothing she’s ever done justified making audiences suffer through that damn brujol!


As expected, Pam saved her progeny from suicide by tanning bed. How great would it be to demand that someone stop doing something as their maker and never worry about them doing it again?

Eric and Bill returned to Bon Temps in pursuit of Russell Edgington and the person who set him free. This led to some sweet maker/child moments and exposed a few holes in the lack of consistency True Blood suffers from at times. Pam was suspect number 1 on Eric’s list. That would have been too easy. The tense scene between the two begs the question – was pinning Pam down on the table really necessary? As Tara pointed out, the “as your maker, I demand you . . .” line is pretty effective. Couldn’t Eric have said, “as your maker, I demand that you tell me everything you know about the release of Russell Edgington?”

As much as I enjoyed Pam introducing Eric to his granddaughter, it didn’t bring me nearly as much joy as the sight of Tara’s bloodied, denim outfit off of her body and on the floor. It only took four episodes to get her out of that dirty ensemble. There’s no way that could have smelled good.

We also got to see different “parenting” styles courtesy of Eric and Bill. Realizing that their lives are on the line – either for the Edgington burial or their treason against the Authority – the bosom buddies took time to reflect on their relationships with their progeny. Eric made the sweet, selfless decision to release Pam and keep her out of harm’s way. Bill, on the other hand, chose not to burden Jessica with his troubles. Both moments were standouts of the episode and very sweet to watch.

In light of Russell Edgington’s release, the Authority is determined to smoke out all of the Sanguinistas in their midst. Although Alexander Drew was outed and met the true death, I don’t think he is the last of the anti-mainstreaming influences in the Authority. Does anyone suspect that Salome is a Sanguinista too? Something about her just isn’t right.


As expected, Alcide’s anger was not enough to keep him from joining the long line of Bon Temps residents to save Sookie Stackhouse’s peach pie ass. If Marcus must still haunt us in this new season of True Blood, he may as well serve a useful purpose. Well done Alcide. Hopefully all discussion of Debbie Pelt exited Bon Temps in the car with her parents as they returned to Mississippi. Oh how I wish I could glamor that entire storyline from my mind. Where is Jessica when you need her?

Thanks to a concoction of alcohol that made me sick to my stomach as a viewer, Alcide finally got some affection from Sookie. Unfortunately for him, it was of the drunken variety so I’m sure Sookie will have nothing but regret when she remembers what she did. Of course, Bill and Eric would stop by her house as she’s shoving her tongue down Alcide’s throat.


The fairies are indeed back. Given their secret, invisible club, it looks like they never left. I’m indifferent to the fairies but I am excited about Jason getting a decent storyline for once.

I have a question for the True Blood fans. What is the explanation for the difference in Jessica’s reaction to Sookie and Claude? They’re both fairies. Does the gender make a difference?

Shifters (of the non-wolf variety)

Sam’s shifters friends returned and chose him over Luna in the shifter relationship split. Their return, however, proved to be quite brief as the two were both mysteriously murdered. I hope this storyline is tied into one of the larger ongoing storyline. We really don’t need any more murder, mayhem and mystery on True Blood this season.


Terry and Patrick were a demonstration of all the things you don’t do when snooping around a dark, creepy place belonging to someone you suspect is mentally unstable. I don’t want to see Terry harmed but I also have no interest in this storyline. The special effects during the war scenes were pretty incredible. The flecks of light from the sky in Terry’s eyes was a really nice effect.

My head is still spinning from the episode. What did you think about True Blood this week? Sound off below!