True Blood Second Bite – Meet Nan Flanagan 2.0

With the expanding cast of characters and never-ending drama each week on True Blood, a second look or a second bite at the action couldn’t hurt. This week’s second bite is a retrospective on Nan Flanagan 2.0 – the newly turned Steve Newlin.


“I am Steve fu$@ing Newlin! Who the f@c& are you?”

Steve Newlin is much more than the cocky, newly-turned vampire who audaciously posed this question to Jessica a few weeks ago. He is also much more than the American Vampire League’s new spokesman.

Steve, the son of anti-vampire activist Theodore Newlin, continued in his father steps after the death of his father, mother and sister in what appeared to be a car accident. Before his conversion, Newlin believed vampires were “ungodly creatures.” Don’t let the southern accent, bright smile and snazzy dance moves fool you, Newlin has a dark side that rivals just about any villain you’ve seen on True Blood. When we first met him, his sole purpose in life was to destroy all vampires.


So exactly how did Newlin step into his father’s shoes and lead the charge against vampires? With his ex-wife Sarah by his side, Newlin headed up the Fellowship of the Sun church. Some people refuse to negotiate with terrorists – Newlin refused to negotiate with vampires. Under his leadership, the group praised the Lord and passed the vampire ammunition.


So exactly what kinds of craziness did Newlin bring to the True Blood? Let’s recap:

– He arranged for Sookie to be kidnapped upon her arrival in Dallas, Texas. Although the attempt was unsuccessful, he later took her hostage when she infiltrated the Fellowship of the Sun in order to find Godric. In fact, it was Godric who saved Sookie from being raped by some of Newlin’s Fellowship followers during her captivity.

– He planned to murder Godric but accepted Eric’s offer to sacrifice his life in exchange for his maker. As Newlin prepared Eric for the true death, he seriously contemplated a 2-for-1 deal by killing Sookie too. Thanks to Bill, Jason and a strategically shot paintball gun, Eric and Sookie escaped Newlin’s wrath. Thanks to Godric, Newlin escaped the bloodsucking vengeance of Eric.

– Newlin made one final attempt at killing Godric by dispatching a suicide bomber to Godric’s home to seal the true death deal. Two humans and three vampires were killed in the failed attempt on Godric’s life. Weary from the refusal of Newlin and other humans to accept and work with vampires, a crestfallen Godric decided to greet the sun and met his true death.


So when did all of this craziness occur, you ask?

Newlin and his anti-vampire crazed Fellowship of the Sun were a large part of True Blood’s second season. In addition to the many trespasses we witnessed Newlin commit against vampires, he was not without a few done unto him. Not only did his favorite protegee Jason Stackhouse help Eric and Sookie escape, he also slept with Newlin’s wife. After all, no Jason Stackhouse storyline is complete without him getting laid.

In season 3, Newlin and his wife returned to announce their divorce. The newly single Newlin only managed to attract one new suitor – the IRS. The feds decided to take a closer look at the finances of Newlin and the Fellowship.

Not to be outdone by vampires and government agencies, he managed to stay relevant in the wake of Russell Edginton’s on-air murder of a news anchor. Unsurprisingly, Newlin took the opportunity to remind everyone that he and his church were right all along.

Last season, it was revealed that Newlin went missing for six months and that his disappearance occurred under suspicious circumstances. All that appeared left of Newlin was his abandoned car with his wallet and keys inside.


This storied history of hatred and violence begs the question, why did Newlin hate vampires so much?

Newlin’s hate had nothing to do with his so-called religious beliefs. Instead, he was a wounded man looking to dole out vengeance of biblical proportions. It turned out that Steve’s father, mother and sister were murdered by vampires.


Despite his long, acrimonious history with vampires, Newlin appears to be pretty content with where he is now. The newly appointed Nan Flanagan 2.0 is a proud vampire, who is only partially closeted and has a huge crush on Jason Stackhouse. In fact, the only ill will he harbors towards Jason’s past discretion is that Sarah, not Steve, was the recipient of his physical affection.


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