Eureka “Mirror, Mirror” Review

Eureka "Mirror, Mirror" Review

Tonight’s Eureka raises the bar again on an already great season, but is it going to be too much to wrap up by the shows finale in a couple of episodes? After last week’s shocking revelation that pre-time jump Henry was passing on information to Beverly Barlowe, the rest of the Eureka group is trying to make sure that their friend is not sent away for a crime he didn’t commit. Meanwhile Holly is still getting acclimated to her new chance at life, though she’s not really herself at the moment. Fargo’s latest project goes out of control, potential leading to loss of communication and computer systems (not to mention bladder function). By the end of the episode we learn that there is a new threat to the town and it’s going to be hard to tell who’s good or bad.

While I loved just about everything about “Mirror, Mirror”, I’m going to start off with Felicia Day because I really like what the writers (and Felicia) did with Holly. The idea of turning Holly into the bad gal was a great stroke by the writers. It turns this sweet, geeky character we’ve seen for two seasons now into a ruthless, maniacal almost cyborg creature that leaves you guessing as to what will happen next. While there’s good writing going on, this really can’t be pulled off without Felicia Day absolutely nailing the transformation between “good” to “bad” Holly. I believe a lot of folks on Twitter and the web were saying it was Cylon Holly and that’s exactly the kind of vibe you got from her. Looks sweet and innocent at first, then you see her eyes and the evil behind them. The best example of this to me was Holly and Fargo discussing items she was requisitioning for her new research (picture of the scene is at the start of the review). Throughout the scene Holly was saying the cute, funny stuff you expect her to say, but if you looked at her you realize she wasn’t meaning it, and then you can hear that slight sinister tone in her voice. While I’m sure we’ll get “good” Holly back, I won’t mind getting another serving of Cylon Holly next week.

As to Holly’s evil scheme, I liked how it played out on the screen, even though the first time I saw duplicate Henry it was kind of clear what was going on. The weird static and seizure inducing images that were the trigger for Holly to be bad was a nice shout out to when Holly was trapped in the GD computers. The other nice bits of plot in the episode were getting Andy to be changed to evil by Holly and the smart dust escape, thereby providing good ways to disrupt the different efforts to stop the smart dust and find out what Holly was up to. While you could guess Carter was going to stumble upon the secret lab at the end of the episode, the best surprise was coming face-to-face with the duplicate in the bio-printer. I was caught off guard (I thought it would be Beverly or Wen being printed) and it made it clear just how far Holly’s plan is going to go.

Outside of all the writing a good acting this week (kudos to Erica Cerra on the great way she handled the being choked by the duplicate scene), this episode really kicked it up a notch on the visual effects. While the first time we saw the smart dust was in a very cool liquid mirror type effect like the event horizon on Stargate, the true beauty of the effect was apparent when Jo is walking through the forest with small mirrors appearing out of thin air. You get so focused on seeing the dust form mirrors that you almost miss out on Jo’s “reflection” (actually one of Holly’s duplicates) reaching out and choking her. The bio-printing scenes were also very detailed and nice, making me wish they had brought in this technology earlier in the show (heck maybe they could have brought Stark back for this season).

My Favorite Parts from “Mirror, Mirror”:

– “Ah, hand cramps! Oh yay! I have hands.” – Holly
– “Hey Jo, guess what? I’m legal!” – Holly
– “So what do you figure, we gonna blow something up or get covered in goo?” – Carter expecting the worst from Fargo’s smart dust experiment (favorite line of the night!).
– “…do not try to absolve me by using some technicality of Quantum Physics!” – Henry
– “…human tissue cultures, bioreactors, water soluble carbodiimide. You know, normal girl stuff. L-O-L.” – Evil Holly
– “Ah, her body is great. Like, really great. Like, va-voom.” – Fargo about Holly
– “I wouldn’t want to melt my own head… again.” – Holly
– “Who says you’re not sciency?” “Almost everyone.” – Fargo and Carter

So what are your thoughts on Evil Holly? Is there a chance to get her back to the good side or is she permanently rewired? While it looks like Henry dodged a bullet for now with the DOD, could he still be in trouble (especially once his duplicate gets started on things)? Will Zane be able to get out of the GD holding cell and find out what happened to Lupo? Let me know your ideas in the comments section below.

Make sure you tune into SyFy next Monday at 9 PM to see the second to last episode of Eureka, “Double Take”. It continues where “Mirror, Mirror” left off and it looks like the town is in for a double dose of trouble as Holly’s duplicates infiltrate the town.