Drop Dead Diva “Happily Ever After” Review

Drop Dead Diva "Happily Ever After" Season 4 Episode 5

This week on Drop Dead Diva, Jane goes international in ‘Happily Ever After’. After meeting Leila, the reluctant fiancee of a Bhutanese prince, Jane decides to do her best to keep Leila in the USA with her old friend and true love Hari — even if it means defending Leila against the prince’s accusations of sedition in a Bhutanese trail held at the country’s embassy in Beverley Hills. Meanwhile, Kim and Parker help represent his son’s teacher after he’s fired for having made an adult video prior to his hiring.

I really enjoyed this episode and I think it was because Jane was taken out of her comfort zone. The trial itself may have been a bit farcical and I was expecting more drama somewhere along the line, but it was nice to see that Jane won’t give up even when the odds are so against her that winning seems impossible. Owen and Grayson were great this week in their own ways, which made the end of the episode harder to watch. This is what, the third of the five season 4 episodes so far that ends with Grayson getting his heart stepped on? I know I adore him anyway and so I may be a little biased, but doesn’t he deserve a break by now? That said, Owen’s proposal was really sweet; it’s hard to imagine what could possibly give Grayson a foot in the door with Jane now.

Parker and Kim’s case felt like we’d miss it if we blinked. I’d have liked to have seen something more from Parker — whether it be reluctance to take the case or the sort of anger the other parents were experiencing, but instead Kim was left to carry most of that storyline in this episode, up until the closing arguments. Though Parker did make a very convincing case… Aside from that, this storyline felt so quick and bare bones that I didn’t dislike it so much as just wish there had been more of it so that I could form an opinion.

Overall, an enjoyable episode with an interesting main plot and some great moments. Roll on next week!

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