True Blood (HBO) “We’ll Meet Again” Season 5 Episode 4

True Blood Sunday is here! After building up some pretty good momentum last week, tonight’s episode looks to be quite promising.

Bill may be the King of Louisiana but Eric is the King of Fangtasia and it is good to see him back on the throne and in his element. He and Pam will have many things to sort out such as their falling out over Sookie, whether she was responsible for unearthing Russell Edgington and Eric’s introduction to his “granddaughter” Tara. I absolutely cannot wait to see his reaction to the newest addition to his vampire family, especially considering their long history of mutual animosity.

Speaking of Tara, the clip below reveals that she is still in that awful, bloodied denim outfit. For the love of all things good, I hope she makes it out of this episode in some new clothes – even a Wal-Mart sweatsuit would do.

The ghost of Debbie Pelt will continue to torture haunt us this week. Alcide comes clean to her parents about the murder of their daughter. I’m absolutely certain, however, that no amount of anger about Sookie’s deceit will compel him to identify her as the killer. I’m thinking Alcide’s decision to keep that information to himself and what appears to be a drunken Sookie may lead to some hot and heavy wolf-petting this week for the beleaguered fairy.

Between the hunt for Russell and the internal witch hunt for Sanguinistas, the Authority will have its hands full. Likewise, Terry and Patrick will be busy flashing back to the past as they dig deeper into the mysterious fires among their fellow servicemen.

Check out the synopsis and video previews from this week’s new True Blood episode “We’ll Meet Again,” which airs tonight at 9PM on HBO.

Episode Synopsis: Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) and Bill (Stephen Moyer) have doubts they will survive the search for Russell (Denis O’Hare). Sookie (Anna Paquin) opens up to Alcide (Joe Manganiello). An irate Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) unwittingly puts Sookie’s life in danger. At Authority headquarters, Roman (Christopher Meloni) and Salome (Valentina Cervi) continue interrogating Nora (Lucy Griffiths) about the Sanguinistas – and a possible traitor within the Council. Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) forces Tara (Rutina Wesley) to toe the line; Andy (Chris Bauer) and Jason (Ryan Kwanten) go to a burlesque party; Sam’s (Sam Trammell) shifter friends invite him for a run; Terry (Todd Lowe) flashes back to a deadly night in Iraq; Hoyt (Jim Parrack) tests the fangbanger waters; Sookie drowns her sorrows.

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