Falling Skies “Young Bloods” Review

After last week’s episode of Falling Skies, I was left wondering if there was anyone left in Weaver’s world that he would mourn for. Tonight’s episode, “Young Bloods,” answered my question in an unexpectedly heartbreaking way.

In the process of tracking down their stolen bikes, Ben and Hal stumbled upon a den of young survivors – aka. Falling Skies’ Lost Boys. Diego’s attitude in particular reminded me of Rufio (from Hook) and much like Peter Pan’s Lost Boys, this gang was generally distrusting of adults. Their collective experiences had taught them that “grown-ups” got them killed. I would have liked to know a little bit more about what sort of experiences they had with humans that would have given them that attitude. We know why children would be afraid of the aliens, but what might have caused these kids to lose faith in adult humans?

In a totally unexpected twist, Diego’s girlfriend, Jeanie, was revealed to be Weaver’s daughter. All the emotion that I wanted to see from Weaver last week, came gushing like a waterfall when he laid eyes on the daughter that he never thought he would see again.

Although I had a feeling that Jeanie wasn’t going to tag along with the 2nd Mass in the end, it still broke my heart to watch Weaver cry when he realized that she had left him. From this point forward, I expect that Weaver will probably be plagued with guilt, helplessness, and a new uncertainty over the safety of his daughter. For Weaver’s sake, I hope this will not be the last we see of Jeanie this season.

Maybe it was the injection of teen angst into the mix that made this episode of Falling Skies seem a little heavier on the hormones than I normally like. I enjoy the romantic relationships that have developed among the 2nd Mass so far because they appeared rather organically. In this particular episode, these relationship bits didn’t fall into place as naturally as some of the romantic stuff in the past. They didn’t seem to further any particular character or story development, so at times the pacing felt a bit stunted by those small spectacles of flirting or relationship drama.

I’m not entirely sure why Diego’s gang opted to go it alone after the 2nd Mass had saved them from their almost certain demise. Jeannie’s letter to Weaver indicated that they planned to hide out rather than resist the occupation, but I struggle to see how the kids in his gang – at least the younger ones – would feel safe doing that so soon after such a terrifying abduction.

The suspense and horror was spot on during the harnessing scene. The harnessing was so much more gruesome and terrifying than I had imagined. Just watching that slimy alien slug slither down the harnessing contraption made me squirm in my seat and I was practically shouting at my TV for the 2nd Mass to hurry up and save these kids before I had to watch the whole process again.

Although this episode of Falling Skies didn’t do much in terms of furthering the overall story arc, I really liked that we were finally able to witness the harnessing process first hand. It was the first time that Hal was able to see Ben’s spikes light up as a reaction to the alien creatures and obviously it triggered a brotherly concern in Hal. We still don’t know what that blue glow means for Ben, but I expect that’s going to become a big deal as the 2nd Mass continues their move towards Charleston.