Suits (USA) “Meet The New Boss” Review – Louis is My New Hero

Suits (USA) Meet the New Boss

In tonight’s episode of Suits, called “Meet The New Boss,” Harvey is put on a case trying to stop a nurse’s strike, a job made that much harder when Hardman decides to prove that he’s the big man on campus by taking it over. In their continued efforts to outdo each other, the two of them resort to whatever means they can – including using Mike as a pawn – to win the case.

While watching the battle between Hardman and Harvey was very cool, I actually enjoyed the secondary storylines in this episode a lot more. That scene with Rachel and Donna going out and drinking away their sorrows, and using the aliases of “Harriet Specter” and “Mike Ross” was classic. I love the friendship that is continuing to develop between those two.

Then there was Louis’ story. He meets the female version of himself and considering how much Louis loves himself, it’s not shocking that he of course immediately falls in love with her. But what did catch me off-guard was the absolute hurt in his eyes when she told him what his associates thought of him. That brought on three scenes that made Louis my new hero. First the scene between he and Harvey when they were reminiscing about their days as associates, then his kick-ass speech to the associates, and finally his quiet words to Jessica about how he wished she would show him the same courtesy he showed his people. I cannot express enough how much I love the fact that they’ve taken Louis from being just a one-note character – the guy that everyone loves to hate – and shown us his soft little underbelly. By the end of the episode I felt like giving him a big hug, which is something I never, ever thought I’d say about Louis.

My favorite bits..

“At least do it with a little authority, someone’s gonna think I raised a pussy.” – I heart Mike’s grammy so hard right now.

“That’s what happens when you care about your job. You don’t give a rat’s ass about your grandmother.”
“Well yeah, that’s why I put you in the home.” – Haha! And now I heart Mike just as hard.

Harvey pointing out that he was just happy that there was someone else around that pissed off Jessica more than he did.

Mike waking up mumbling about a can opener.

Harvey asking Mike if his grandmother was hot.

Harvey staring down Mike until he gave up the pro bono files he was hiding. Love that it took less than five seconds.

Harvey smiling at his reflection in Hardman’s desk.

Mike almost making a joke after Harvey’s comment about sticking it to the nurses, and Harvey stopping him before he could even open his mouth.

Louis making himself a note to tell Harold to change the color of his hair because orange is the color of a clown.

“Do you know why it’s doing that?”
“My mother’s in there?”

Mike being a snot and saying “safer bet” after Harvey told him not to.

Mike keeping Harold from raising his hand to get himself in trouble not just once, but twice.

“Oh, would you like me to thank your face with my fist?” – Ooooooh, nice.

“Do you think that if they touched, the world would cease to exist?” “I don’t want to think about them touching.”

Donna pulling out the “bow chikca bow wow.” Classic.

Harriet Specter and Michelle Ross. Yes and YEESSS!!!!!!!

Drunk!Donna and Drunk!Rachel making up stories in a bar. So freaking awesome.

“Coach doesn’t let dad come to the tryouts.”

Louis actually looking hurt when he found out that the associates think he does less work than them.

“Wash all you want, the lies are never coming off.”

“Can’t you just keep a diary like every twelve-year old girl?”

Harvey immediately letting up on Louis when he asked him to and then pointing out that Louis was the hardest working lawyer in the firm.

“Thank you Harvey….dick part aside.”

Absolutely LOVING the Harvey and Dick moment with the reminiscing and swapping of war stories.

Harvey telling Louis he was The Man…and Louis replaying it and talking back to it on his recorder. THAT WAS BEYOND AWESOME.

Mike giving Rachel a blurb for her dating profile, and using it as a way to tell her how he feels about her.

Louis’ speech to the associates…..and now my Louis crush has grown tenfold.

Rachel figuring out that Mike must be keeping a secret from her. Damn, she’s good.

Louis telling Jessica that he wished she would let him rise to the occasion every once in a while. I just wanted to reach through my TV and hug him.

Totally knowing that Rachel was sitting to take her law school entrance exams. Go Rachel!

“Three times in one week. I might have to write you back into my will.”

That final conversation with Mike and his grammy.

What did you think of this episode of Suits? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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