Rookie Blue “Girls Night Out” Review

Nash’s first day in detective training nearly became her last in “Girls Night Out,” this week’s episode of Rookie Blue. When her boyfriend/trainer Barber didn’t show up to her first crime scene, she very nearly damaged the entire case with her lack of experience. But thanks to a last minute miracle, she managed to find the bad guys, solve the case and take down a drug ring all within the space of one shift.

I’m not opposed to one-shift wonders…they’re a staple of procedural dramas…but it does get a little tiring if every case is tied up with a neat bow at the end of every episode. I’d like to see a case that isn’t able to be solved, or at least takes a couple of episodes to solve.

So, in spite of a minor setback, Nash is still on her way to becoming a detective and Peck is still completely jealous of her. I really hope the writers want us to not like Peck because they have done absolutely nothing to make her a likeable character. She’s sarcastic and bitchy and rude and her temper is frightening. She belittles the people in her life, then wonders why no one likes her. Maybe she is a sociopath like she analyzed herself. My favorite part of the episode was when Nash put her in her place.

But there are characters I like and poor Dov is one of them. After being driven to lethal force during a convenience store robbery, he is struggling to come to terms with having killed someone. Unfortunately, instead of therapy, he decides to talk to the dead kid’s sister. Of course she blames him, but I was glad to see him ultimately stand up for himself and put the blame where it belonged…on the kid himself. He was committing a crime, he didn’t follow police orders and he shot at a cop. All Dov wanted was some licorce, but now, for the rest of his life, he will have to deal with what happened that day.

He might end up dealing with it alone, though, if he keeps lying to his girlfriend.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know below!