Necessary Roughness “Slumpbuster” Review

The husband-wife feud over ownership of the Hawks came to a much-anticipated head in “Slumpbuster,” this week’s episode of Necessary Roughness. The battle nearly took out poor Nico, but in the end, Marshall proved that he was crazy when he begged Gabby to take him back right in the middle of the mediation. I’m not entirely sure if that means that Gabby gets the team by default, but at least no one will be bugged by Marshall’s insanity anymore. And Nico gets to keep his job.

Over in T.K.-land, Matt recommended a massage therapist to help him get back in the game, and the tiny, but mean Asian woman ended up being exactly what T.K. needed. Not only did she pound his muscles into submission, she got the ball rolling on him finally opening up and talking about the shooting. At first, he wouldn’t even let her touch his scar; by the end of the episode, he was opening up to Dani. Finally! C’mon…who wasn’t getting a little tired of the T.K. pity party? I am glad they didn’t just gloss over such a traumatic event, but it was time to move on.

This week, Dani treated a narcissistic baseball star (Adam Rodriguez), who was on a losing streak after his “slumpbuster,” a large and lovely lady, ended their casual sex arrangement. It didn’t take a genius to figure out that the guy was in love with the woman, but of course, he couldn’t admit it being that she was more than a size four. I was glad that she didn’t just go running back to him. He was never going to go public with their relationship; she deserved the nice boyfriend who would.

BTW, is this slumpbuster thing real? Sports fans? Athletes? Let me know. I find it just appalling enough to have a ring of truth.

So, Matt and Dani are still together despite the fact that he wants kids and she’s closed the baby factory. After spending two minutes with Lindsay, Matt decides that being a father to Dani’s grown children might be enough for him…but I call BS on that. I like Dani, too. I like Dani and Matt together. But he’s a young guy who wants to be a daddy. This is not going to end in wedding bells. Let’s be honest.

She might be better off with Nico.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know below!