Common Law (USA) “Role Play” Review – Travis and Wes Swap Bodies….Sort of

Common Law (USA) Role Play

In tonight’s episode of Common Law, called “Role Play,” the boys swap bodies. Okay, no not really, but they DO end up trying out a bit of role playing after the doc gives them yet another assignment to help them better understand each other.

The first one to take on the experiment is Travis, doing his best Wes and pretty much nailing all of his partner’s mannerisms and even Wes’ snappy dress code. In fact, when another fellow officer calls him a dick while playing his role, Travis takes it as the biggest compliment to his acting skills.

Not to be outdone, Wes soon decides that Travis needs a taste of his own medicine and starts acting like the wild one. He loosens up, starts calling people douche-bag, flirts with the ladies and (in my personal favorite moment) comes to the precinct dressed in jeans and a leather jacket.

Much as you’d expect, the boys do learn a lot about themselves and each other throughout their little game. Sure it’s all fun and silliness in the beginning, but I was really happy to see that this whole idea wasn’t just played for laughs. When the case starts to get the better of them, they each realize how the other’s investigation methods bring about resolutions. In the end, when they both tell the doc that they now understand that they each need the other to be themselves, I felt like standing up and cheering. Every week we’ve seen Travis and Wes tackle a new barrier to their relationship and I’m really enjoying each new thing we learn about them.

My favorite bits..

As much as I’m #TeamWes, I gotta say I’m with Travis on this one. Smooth jazz just doesn’t cut it for me during a pursuit.

“Do you ever get tired of being you?”

Wes complaining about always being asked to play the cold, withholding father.

Travis doing a spot-on Wes impression. Can’t wait to see Wes do his version of Travis, though.

Travis proving how Wes sometimes comes off as a dick.

“If you’re going to pretend to be me, you better have the knowledge to back it up.”

Travis talking about “the interplay between the bass and the piano” while listening to the music. LOL.

Wes talking about hot tubs and bubbles. Haha! I knew it was gonna get good.

Wes bopping along to the music and driving the car straight up the red carpet.

“Damn. You go girl.” – I was so thinking the same thing.

Wes’ overuse of the term “douche-bags.”

“Something tells me that the two of you have decided to turn this into a competition.” – Nah, doc. Whatever gave you that idea?

Travis in a suit. Very nice. Now they totally look like twins.

Travis’ response to getting called “sir.”

“My partner and I, we don’t agree on much.”
“It’s kind of our thing.”

The boys working together to talk Kevin out of killing himself.

Wes’ obvious pride when he saw the good deal that Travis got on his suit.

Loving the captain’s glasses.

The boys talking the captain into doing a little role playing himself. I love how he’s such a great sport.

“You know that almost sounded like a compliment.”
“You’re lucky I’m in a bad mood, otherwise it never would’ve happened.”

Wes commanding silence from the room…and getting it.

“Statue of Liberty?”
“No, I’m you today. I get to do the takedown.”

Wes pointing out that since he was playing Travis, technically it was Travis who hit Suzanne with the cart.

“These suits are uncomfortable, man.”
“Welcome to my world.”

“I look better in this shirt than you do.” – Oh boys, I think we’ll just have to call that one even.

The boys realizing that they needed each other, in order to be themselves. All together now: Aaawwwwwww!

What did you think of this episode of Common Law? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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