Burn Notice “Last Rites” Review

Burn Notice (USA) Last Rites

In tonight’s episode of Burn Notice, called “Last Rites,” Michael has to continue to make do without Fi on his team and ends up recruiting both Nate and Maddie to help out on a case. Not only that, but also he has to play husband and wife with Pierce, instead of Fi. Everything is topsy-turvy, but in true Michael Westen style, he and his new team pull off the job nicely.

Meanwhile, Fi is doing whatever she can to figure out just who it is that is trying to kill her. She enlists the help of Ayn, a woman who can get “anything you need,” including names of people trying to kill other people in prison. That’s what I call some serious talent.

While I did enjoy Michael working with a whole new crew, mostly for the sake of variety, I still miss Fi and was so very happy when Michael got to see her at the end of the episode. Since those two were on-again/off-again for so long, sometimes I forget how head-over-heels in love they are with each other. Well the final few minutes of the episode cured me of that, but quick. Watching that big tough spy break down when Fi walked into the room made me break down right there with him.

My favorite bits….

Pierce showing up with a message on her phone from Anson. Oh boy.

“I hate to say it Mike but I think your mouth wrote a check your butt can’t cash.”

Michael pointing out to Pierce that she should look more like she was ready for a fun vacation and not so much like she was ready to kill someone.

“Don’t forget a BLT and a PB&J, ASAP.”

Jesse telling the dice that he loved them.

Fi refusing to cross the line of taking part in a hit to get the name she needed.

Dr. Chuck Finley! Yes!

Maddie pointing out to Sharif why needed to put on the heart monitor.

“This room is off limits.”
“Oh really? Well I’m thinking the virus didn’t get that memo.”

Jesse testing the frequency on the walkie with “I want real food.”

“Too bad the guy doesn’t know his final destination. You don’t have to pack that heavy for Gitmo.”

Getting a kick out of watching Sam give Nate spy lessons.

Sam having to make the “you-know-what-hitting-the-fan call.”

“Nate, I said shoot in the air.”
“You didn’t say UP in the air.”

“This place changes all of us sooner or later. Looks like sooner for you.”

Michael’s face when Fi walked into that visiting room.

“Now you see why I never wear orange.”
“You look beautiful.”

Fi interrupting Michael’s story about them getting close to say that she loved him too.

Actually breaking into tears myself when Michael started talking about how he and Fi met. That was a great story.

What did you think of this episode of Burn Notice? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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