Awkward “Resolutions” Review

“Resolutions,” the first episode of the second season of Awkward, picks up only a couple of weeks after the big formal dance that prompted Jenna’s major decision. She chose Jake, and while she doesn’t regret her choice, she can’t seem to get Matty off her mind. But even more than that, she finds herself torn between confronting her mother about the “carefrontation” letter or keeping the fact that her mother did such a thing to herself.

On New Year’s Eve, Jenna and Jake take their relationship public at Matty’s party; it doesn’t seem to bother Jenna’s former guy to see her with his best friend…at first. The fact that he gets wasted and almost has sex with Sadie tells a different story, however. He’s definitely not as over Jenna as he wants to be. Of course, Jake still has no idea that Jenna lost her viriginity to Matty, although he is now aware that she’s not a virgin.

Speaking of Sadie, she’s started to lose some weight, but that hasn’t made her any nicer. Her former BFF and flunkie has pretty much defected to Jenna’s side, despite the fact that Jenna is now dating Jake. When Matty passes out just when Sadie is about to get the thing she’s wanted from the beginning, she is rightfully pissed. I’m sure she’ll find a way to make it Jenna’s fault. I kind of hope she doesn’t lose too much weight; I liked her just the way she was. It was nice to have a bigger girl be the villain instead of the dateless best friend or something cliche.

Tamara is still Tamara…chasing after popularity and her flaky boy-toy, Ricky. He seems a bit more committed than he was last season, but how long will that last? No sign of Ming yet.

In the end, Jenna decided to stick with Jake and made him her NYE’s kiss. I have to say she made the right choice, although she really needs to tell Jake about her and Matty before someone else does.

Back on the home front, Jenna’s anger won out and she wrote her mother a note on the same stationary that gave away the identity of the original letter’s author. Her mother was properly horrified at having been discovered. I am really eager to see how this plays out; Jenna’s mother is so immature, but she really does love her daughter. This could be a great opportunity for her to grow up and realize that she’s not in high school anymore and she needs to find a way to be a better mother.

Also looming on the horizon, Jenna’s very public, painfully honest blog has an anonymous follower with a private account. Who could that be? I have a feeling it will be the mystery of the season now that the letter question has been answered.

All in all, it was a good episode and a welcome return, but I think I wanted a little more to happen. I keep forgetting that these episodes are only half an hour, though. MTV really should give Awkward a full hour. Do Snooki and JWow-whatever really need their own show?

What did you think about the episode? Let me know below!