Dallas “The Last Hurrah” Review

Although the sale of Southfork has gone through and the Ewing house is being packed up piece by piece, J.R. and John Ross are still plotting and scheming to get their hands on the land in “The Last Hurrah,” this week’s episode of Dallas. Although it seems like they’re on the same side, J.R. has no qualms about going behind his son’s back to better his own odds or having him followed and photographed for some future nefarious purpose.

The only wrench in their plans is the lawyer who wants more money to keep his mouth shut. When it’s discovered that the laywer has a drug addict son with two strikes against him, John Ross enlists Rebecca (via blackmail as he knows she sent the email to Christopher that ended his relationship with Elena) to help set up the innocent guy to give them leverage over his dad. I like that Rebecca couldn’t do it; she is the Diet Coke of evil to her brother’s full-bodied recipe. But her refusal just forced J.R. to bring in the del Sol chick who is developing a dangerous obsession with John Ross.

Meanwhile, Bobby and Ann planned a farewell BBQ, but only Ann was able to pack up the house where the Ewings had lived for 150 years. Bobby occupied himself with the ranch and then with his son’s love life. After rightfully noticing that Christopher and Elena were getting closer over their alternative energy project, Bobby told his son to make up his mind between his ex and his wife. He didn’t, however, tell Christopher to be a complete ass to Elena. Proving that he’s got Ewing spirit if not blood, Christopher went so far as to offer her money to end her involvement in the project and said to her face things that were only implied in the infamous email. No doubt this will push her back into John Ross’s arms and straight into the jealous path of his current del Sol squeeze.

There is still the wild card of Rebecca and her brother. They want money, but is it really just a con they’re running or do their connections to the Ewings run deeper? It’s clear that Rebecca has fallen in love with her target; she’s even willing to tell him about the email before John Ross can. I doubt she’ll get the chance, but it would be nice to be proven wrong, if just to see what Christopher would do.

Sue Ellen re-entered the picture; her bid for govenor is being backed by Cliff Barnes. I like the backbone she’s grown, but I wish she would step in and be a mother to John Ross. I feel like it’s not too late for him. He is his father’s son, but he doesn’t have to be. I truly believe he loves Elena in a way that J.R. has never loved any woman, not even his own mama.

It’s hard to believe that the Ewings could lose Southfork; I almost want J.R. and John Ross to win if it means that the ranch will stay in the family.

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