Rizzoli & Isles “Welcome to the Dollhouse” Review

If you had even the slightest fear of dolls, this week’s episode of Rizzoli & Isles surely sent you over the edge. The only thing creepier than the dolls were the men who had unhealthy obsessions with them.

Still reeling from the last few weeks, Jane was in need of a pick me up. Maura’s well-intentioned but misguided effort to boost Jane’s spirits with an endorphin-pumping run is interrupted by a call to a crime scene. The women find a woman so badly harmed that Maura couldn’t even identify the weapon that killed her.

Thanks to Korsak and Barney Miller, Jane got a clue in her case and Maura learned more about Maura learned why Casey returned from service and did not call her friend. Casey’s early return was due to partial paralysis and his placement on the waiting list for a medical trial that could help improve his condition. He made Maura promise not to tell Jane, which she technically kept by revealing his condition to Angela. Despite the serious news, I giggled a bit when Angela’s first question was whether or not Casey’s partial paralysis would prevent him from being the father of her grandchildren.

This week’s episode of Rizzoli & Isles was pretty busy for Angela. She fed the homeless, took her business online, started a blog, inspired a neighborhood watch group and managed to get Casey and Jane together for a drink. While Angela multi-tasked and meddled, the detectives found out who murdered the doll-faced, sexting victim and several other women who shared the common bond of a scrunchie. Looks like Maura isn’t the only one who will have a love interest as Angela is definitely on the Captain’s radar.

Thanks to a note from Angela, Casey texted Jane and asked her to meet for drinks. The pair agreed to start over, which Jane suggested they do by running or rollerblading. Although Angela’s note brought the two together, it almost backfired when Casey thought Jane was getting payback by suggesting the two run or rollerblade. Jane, of course, tells Casey that his condition does not change her feelings for him. Although Casey wants to see Jane, he needs more time. My heart crushed when he asked her not to watch him leave. Bring on the tears.

I loved that Maura was there to comfort Jane and even dropped a “shut the front the door.”

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  • ptjackson

    This episode was very touching, and really showed the strength of their friendship.

    I guess Angela is going to get away with stuff since the captain is smitten with her – but I wonder if there is too much pairing up going on here – this is not a situation comedy where everyone has to be a couple after all!

    Loved the dog – Korsak really does seem to have an affinity for all creatures great and small!

    •  It was definitely my favorite episode of the season – so far.  Korsak and Barney Miller were too cute.  I agree about the pairings. I was happy that Eddie Cibrian didn’t return this week.  I watch for the case work and the friendship.