Royal Pains “A Guesthouse Divided” Review – How Awesome is Divya?

Royal Pains (USA) A Guesthouse Divided

This episode of Royal Pains, called “A Guesthouse Divided,” was all about Divya and I loved that about it. Yes, I know I said I thought that having Hank and Evan apart for a while could be one of the best things that could happen to this show and I still believe that. It’s just now I have yet another reason to add to the list – Divya.

Divya has been a favorite character of mine ever since the pilot of this show. But sometimes she sort of gets relegated to the background; just someone who quietly works to support Hank and Evan in whatever they do, with only a few episodes here and there where she gets to be front and center with her own story.

Tonight we saw her still working in the background and still helping both of the brothers. Except she isn’t just working with both Hank and Evan to keep them happy; she’s trying to sabotage them so they have to work together. It’s a great plan and I thought it was genius of her to come up with the idea, especially when she got Paige’s blessing, too. I really liked seeing them bond together like that.

In fact, Divya’s plan is pretty much flawless…well, that is until it stops working. But one of the things that I love about Divya is that she doesn’t give up and tonight she proved that yet again. When her plan backfires and the boys end up at each others’ throats, she calls in the big guns – aka their dad – and now I can’t wait to see what he’s going to do when he finds out what his boys have been up to. It’s already got me excited for next week’s episode.

My favorite bits..

Jill coming around the corner while Divya was leaving her a message.

“I’m going to sabotage them……but drinks first!” – Girl’s got her priorities straight.

Evan waking up next to Paige. Aw, so sweet.

Evan turning his room into a bunker.

“You’re not at death’s door okay; you’re not even in death’s zip code.”

“Sexy porpoise.” – Really? (I had to crack up when Hank pretty much did the same thing I did about five seconds later.

Jeremiah once again proving that, underneath all the social awkwardness, he’s actually a really good doctor.

Aww..Hank’s present is totally sweet.

Divya letting Hank listen in on what Evan had to say about his lack of vision.

Divya letting Paige in on her little plan. I totally feel like hugging Divya then, too.

I know it was supposed to be a sad moment when Hank walked into Jill’s empty place, but is it wrong that all I could think was how pretty Jill’s kitchen was?

Divya’s evil little grin after Hank realized how unprepared he was for the interview.

“Yes, and now the fat lady can sing.”

“Ah yes, a spa-cialized physician. I must have missed that rotation.”

“Come back here and lose like a man!”

“Everywhere. Head to toe. Shoulders to boulders.” – Haha!

Hank admitting that he backed out of the spa deal because he was trying to help out his little brother.

Divya banging her head on the table. Yep, kinda with her on that.

Paige finally telling Evan that she got fired.

Hank reading Jill’s letter.

Divya calling Hank and Evan’s dad. Yes! Another brilliant move.

What did you think of this episode of Royal Pains? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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  • Always a pleasure to read your articles, Michelle!

    I do love Divya now. At the start of the pilot as well as season two I couldn’t STAND her. She was very snotty, condescending, and frankly extremely rude to Evan (not to mention unecessarily). But by the end of season 3 I began to really sympethise with her. Now I think she’s awesome 🙂 (Except the accent, she tries too hard to enunciate her every word. I don’t even speak like that, and neither do my friends. Just speak like a normal Brit, Div!)

    “I know it was supposed to be a sad moment when Hank walked into Jill’s empty place, but is it wrong that all I could think was how pretty Jill’s kitchen was?” I proper burst out laughing reading this! And no, you’re not the only one XD

    “Yes, and now the fat lady can sing.” Probably my favourite line in the episode!
    “Come back here and lose like a man!”
    “Everywhere. Head to toe. Shoulders to boulders.” Again, brilliantly funny quotes!

    Now for me…
    Where do I even start? First off, the moment I saw Paige I knew she was fired. And the bit where Evan’s phone rang (and in my head I was like IGNORE it Evan, and he TOTALLY ignored it and hugged Paige instead, SO CUTE!). Then the rest half hour I was pissing myself laughing at the whole situation! This was a very entertaining episode!

    Then, HOLYCRAPAFIGHTBROKEOUT! That fight was INTENSE! I understand where Evan came from because the whole scenario was just unfortunate timing for Hank. But then THAT happened. My heart completely shattered for Evan! Shame on you, Hank! Someone once mentioned, and I quote, that “Hank always underestimates Evan, which tears Evan down and sets him up for failure” – everything in that fight confirms this analysis. I understand that Hank was only looking out for Evan, but he really needs to stop belittling him and calling his brother a screw-up. He is not little anymore and he can certainly run a successful business without Hank pitying him.

    I think Jill will definitely come back because, as far as I’m concerned, the actress didn’t claim she was leaving. And as soon as Hank got that letter I knew there was gonna be a Jill monologue. Very cheesy that was. At least we had a little look at her adventures (even though that was an error in the letter).

    Finally, Eddie R. returns! But I have a feeling there will be more fighting and more hurtful words.

    I also just wanna add I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOOOVE Sicani! He is too friggin’ ADORABLE.

  • Rebeccawolfgang

    Ah thank you thank you! I was scouring the Internet after tonight episode (an incredible one as you said) because I had NO idea about Jill’s spin around right back to leaving the Hamptons! I was freaking out that she was gone for good but I can’t find any news that should lead me to keep thinking that! I was SO excited to find your review, I plan to keep checking them out after every episode!!