Storage Wars “A Civil Accordion” & “…More Like, WRONG Beach” Review

(Editor’s Note: We will be combining both Storage Wars episode reviews from now on into a single article. No more looking around for both reviews!)

Storage Wars made their way to the tiny southern California town of City of Industry in “A Civil Accordion”. I only know of this city as the place that takes about 2 minutes to drive through on my way to Disneyland, so it was nice to see the Storage Wars crew hitting it up for an auction.

After everybody shows up, including an in-tact Darrell and Brandon team, we get straight to our first unit of the day. Dave bought the first unit full of air conditioners for a measly $300. I’m not sure why nobody else went any higher on it, since everybody was talking about how much they might be worth, and Hester ended up selling them for $1,500! They weren’t even in the best condition! Dave definitely had the easiest purchase of the day, even though he may not have made the most money.

Barry bought the second unit, which was full of household items, for a way-too-high $1,050. Nobody could see anything worth that much from the door, so it was really a crapshoot that something valuable would be hidden in one of those boxes. He ended up finding a classic Kit Cat Clock from the 1950s, but only ended up salvaging $325 from his initial investment. Even I knew how popular those clocks were, so I’m surprised Barry didn’t know better and figured out that the popularity would drive down the price.

Jarrod spent $2,150 on the biggest and most profitable unit of the day, full of bar equipment, an accordion, and some old bayonets. Brandi thought the accordion was worth more, and challenged Jarrod to see if the accordion or the bayonets were more valuable. It turned out that the accordion was worth more, as Brandi got it appraised at $1,000 compared to Jarrod’s $200.

Darrell ended up going home empty-handed yet again, but it definitely looks like his relationship with Brandon is on the mend. I really do suspect that the producers of the show talked Darrell down from assuming a “jerk” role, as he’s really not suited for it. I just like seeing the Tank Top Twins taking on lockers as a team!

Moving on to the second episode now, we see the crew return to US Storage Centers at Long Beach in “…More Like, WRONG Beach”. Not only is this classic Storage Wars location returning, but the infamous Mark Balelo is here to make a comeback!

Darrell bought a unit with half a couch for $700 and got punked by Mark Balelo! Mark used to bid everybody up to a fault, but he actually backed out at the last second and left Darrell with the bill on this one! It ended up biting Darrell in the butt, as he only salvaged $155 from the unit for a loss of $545.

Barry bought an old unit full of gross couches for $1,200, hoping that the manager of the storage center was right and that an old Harley Davidson motorcycle would be behind the furniture. Unfortunately he didn’t find any motorcycle, but he did find a small antique full of old German money. Not only did he find $200 worth of old Deutsche marks, but the hand crafted piggybank was worth a grand all by itself! This item was the only thing worth salvaging, so Barry was sure lucky that he was able to find it!

Jarrod spent $800 on a unit full of small household items, and ended up finding a weird reel device. They eventually figured out it was not a fishing reel, as they originally thought, but instead it was a kite reel worth $700. They might have only come ahead $100, but that was enough to make them the winners for the episode! This had to be the smallest profit that anybody has made on Storage Wars and actually made more than any of the other buyers.

Dave Hester may not have been at the auction in this episode, but we did get a strange little scene with him as we found out that his business has not been going well. We’ve seen scenes of him in the past at his large processing centers and warehouses, so it’s interesting to see that the economy is affecting his business as well. I’m not sure why we had to see him pass by a location that he could no longer buy, but whatever.

Anyway, Jarrod and Brandi ended up the big winners tonight and took second place in the season long standings! I’m excited to see what happens next week!


Barry: $3,087
Darrell: $6,775
Dave: $8,150
Jarrod & Brandi: $6,805

Random Thoughts:

– So is “Crap” a swear word in Spanish, or what?

– Did anybody else see that the guy standing next to Mark was wearing a Balelo branded polo shirt? Does he have a business or something? The guy doesn’t seem very good of a buyer.

– So it looks like my question from a few weeks ago was answered, as Jarrod and Brandi joked about just “dating”. I’m still very confused as to whether or not they’re married, as they’ve said in interviews that they aren’t married, but the A&E website says they are. Weird.