Franklin & Bash “Jango and Rossi” Review – Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun

Franklin & Bash Jango and Rossi Season 2 Episode 3

In tonight’s episode of Franklin & Bash, the guys meet their doppelgangers – aka “Jango and Rossi,” played to hilarious perfection by Seth Green and Eric Mabius.

Peter and Jared come up against their counterparts when Infeld assigns them to represent one of his ex-wives (another wonderful guest star – Cybill Shepherd) in a case where she’s accused of stealing a dog. The funniest part of the case is that it’s not actually the funniest case. Usually the guys end up with the wackiest cases that they then get to solve in their wacky way. But this time, they actually get stuck with the almost normal case – that they still solve in their wacky way. Taking point on the actual wacky case in this episode is Karp, with Pindar as his trusty sidekick; defending a man who robbed a pizza joint with a cheese gun.

I got a kick out of watching Peter and Jared use their wits against such worthy foes and I’m kind of hoping that we get to see the legal team of Jango and Rossi again. They’re like the ying to Jared and Peter’s yang, plus they double the hot quotient on the show – which is not a bad thing at all.

I also loved seeing Pindar working a case again. He’s a great character and deserves to be seen more often as a lawyer. The whole ex-girlfriend story was funny, but I think he’s much better utilized when he’s taking on a case. That’s when we really get to see all his quirks come to light. Plus, I thought he and Karp actually made a pretty good team, too. I wonder if this means we’re going to see those two working on more cases together?

My favorite bits..

Just when I thought the guys couldn’t get any hotter….or cooler. Enter the motorcycles. Nice!

“You got rid of it by eating it?”
“You guys are smart.”

All the nicknames Peter had for Infeld’s various ex-wives.

OMG! It’s my other favorite actor who’s the perfect height for me. Love Seth Green!

“I can’t believe you play basketball.”
“I can’t believe you get facials.”

“Since the gun was um a…dairy product, we can probably get the weapons charge dropped.”

Pindar suggesting that he and Karp were a dynamic duo.

“Maybe I make cheese, but I’m no rat.”

“Nice loafers.”
“Thanks, they’re Italian.”
“Really? That’s the best you’ve got.”
“I’m tired, all right?”

“You look like a cat.”
“Meow motherf….” – BEST CUT EVER!

“Some people would call that stealing. And by some, I mean everyone.”

Jared throwing the squeaky toy and hitting Peter in the face.

“That hair is probably left over from Peter’s man-scaping bonanza.” – Um, ew?

Peter giving the baggie of doggie doo to be delivered to Karp’s office.

“No offense sir, but your ex-wife is buck-nuts crazy.”

Jared covering the dog’s ears when Infeld started talking about his love-making skills.

I’m with Jared. When you’re short (like me) it’s pretty rare when you get to make a short joke at someone else’s expense. You gotta take the shot whenever you can.

Jared thinking that the judge was yelling at them, instead of Jango and Rossi. Completely understandable mistake.

Pindar watching the giggling quads on Youtube.

“Oh, I wasn’t aware that hell had frozen over.”

The Karp and Pindar fist-bump.

“Your Honor, we request that the plaintiff remove her shirt please.” – I’m betting he’s wanted to say that for a very long time.

“The next time you four want to out-jackass each other, do it outside of my courtroom.”

“You enjoy being taller, don’t you?”
“SO much.”

The dog peeing on Peter’s leg.

What did you think of this episode of Franklin & Bash? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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  • Incrreidbly funny episode and the dog story had a very clever twist. Season 2 is a nice progression from the first.

  • ptjackson

    Loved everything you mentioned – I think Pindar and Karp working together is an inspired idea! They are perfect for each other…… 😎

    and, I like how Karp got on board, asking for cheese as payment. He is not a heartless dude after all.