The Big C “Fly Away” Season Finale Review

The Big C Season Finale 2012 "Fly Away" (5)

I apologize for misleading you.

Last week, I stated that the past few episodes of The Big C had taken us to a place that, while ridiculous, at least was dealing with Cathy and her crazy ways. It wasn’t great television, but at least it was starting to make some more sense. Even Cathy was starting to acknowledge that she was behaving rather poorly. If nothing else, I thought that we would get an engaging close to a rather disappointing season. Turns out, I was hoodwinked.

First off, Cathy decides to take off in her scuba gear into the middle of the ocean and away from her boat and dive buddy, Sean. Granted, Sean was busy with a very specific type of well-shaped water animal, but he didn’t stray too far. Yet somehow, Cathy ends up in the middle of the ocean. Seemed like a creaky plot device to get Cathy to someone that she could talk to*, but I was willing to go with it anyway.

*Before you say anything, yes, I get the whole lost in the middle of the ocean metaphor. Still, she was already on an island. I don’t think we needed a supposedly intelligent woman deciding to swim into the middle of the ocean to be caught by a fishing net.

Though I don’t like how we got there, anytime you put Laura Linney in a situation like that, she is going to deliver. She was exceptional as she ran the gamut of emotions with Angel (I had to dodge an anvil when his name was revealed). This show has gotten so preposterous that sometimes I forget that Laura Linney is a highly-credible actress with plenty of range. This episode really gave her an opportunity to let loose, and I thought she capitalized on that opportunity.

Let’s jump to the end. When Cathy walks up the dock and notices several instances of people being angry or frustrated, I thought that the next shot would be of her driving in a convertible around the island with her bags sitting in the backseat. Instead, she makes the perfectly rational decision to jump back in the water to swim to Angel’s boat to… I don’t know. Apparently, she’s assuming that the fisherman will have plenty of room for her to stay at his place in Esperanza.

Again, I can’t help but think back to other people that I have known who have had cancer. Those people didn’t toss aside their entire world because something bad happened. At this point, I think I feel more sympathetic for Walter White circa season 2 than I do for Cathy at this moment. Cathy doesn’t have to be a heroic person, but at the very least, she could be someone to root for on the show. Right now, I don’t. It seems that everyone in her life would be better off without her. Maybe by diving back into the water, she finally is doing the right thing.

I guess we’re going to find out.

What did everyone else think of this season of The Big C?

  • I agree with you, I gave a great big “Oh come on!!” when she jumped off the pier to swim back to the boat. Then she said, “esperanza, esperanza.” Hope. So she’s going to the island of hope with the angel of death? Is next season going to be a big fantasy where she’s actually dead? Sheesh. Laura Linney’s an exceptional actress, I wish she had had a better script. And I’m getting pretty tired of her loser husband too! At least I have Weeds to look forward to, and next seasons’ Nurse Jackie!

    • Anonymous

      Nice pick up on Esperanza meaning hope.  I didn’t make that connection.  I feel as bad for Laura Linney as you do.

      And you’re right, Nurse Jackie was great this year.  It’s got me really excited for the future of that series.

  • Oh TV Czar, I guess you should apologize because after giving up on the show a few episodes back, I almost decided to tune back in because it seemed that according to you things could be turning around. The good news is that I read this before doing so 😉

    I am really sad about this season because “The Big C” was a show I had fallen in love with, but this season was just not what the previous seasons were. I think their first mistake was to bring Paul back. As sad as the season 2 finale was, I think season 3 would have been better if Cathy had been dealing with his loss. Oh well, just my opinion. Not sure yet if I’ll watch season 4, maybe I’ll give it a few episodes.

  • Awesome7143

    I think that this would be a perfect way to end the series. Think about it. Adam said that if Cathy and Paul got divorced, he would live with Paul. And when Cathy is around Adam, he is angry. He is calm around Paul. And since Cathy doesn’t like Paul being a motivational speaker, Paul is having an affair. Sean is the only one that would be unhappy. He would think that his sister drowned and it was fault. Well, it IS his fault. He was paying attention to the hotty instead of his family. And Cathy isn’t happy around her family. She keeps trying to make them happy, but they are too busy. And Cathy didn’t get the baby she wanted. Spending time with Angel made her happy. And now she is with Angel. She found her Joy. If Showtime announced that The Big C won’t return for Season 4, I found my joy. Seriously, Season 3 was—the opposite of an award winning season. I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t release a DVD for season 3. 

    • Anonymous

      I’m all for them calling it after this season.  It was a train wreck from start to finish.

  • Kes 20012

    Luved it … when does it return

  • Kes 20012

    Luved it … when does it return