Eureka “Smarter Carter” Review

Eureka Smarter Carter Review

Is being smarter necessarily better? Last week’s Eureka brought us a lot of fun science pranks, but the real surprise was Allison and Carter finally tying the knot (although under some pretty dire conditions). In “Smarter Carter”, the Sheriff surprises everyone with his newfound scientific knowledge, but his sudden attitude change to cold unfeeling smart ass has Allison and others wishing for a return of the old Carter. Meanwhile, Holly decides to circumvent Fargo and take matters into her own (virtual) hands, which puts Zane, Henry, and Jo in a awkward situation with Dr. Parrish.

This could be one of the best non-season opener/finale episodes of Eureka I have ever seen. Paula Yoo and Ed Fowler wrote a great story showing how we lose the essence of what Carter is to the town one he becomes as smart (or smarter) than everyone else. It makes you appreciate Carter’s role in Eureka’s society all the more, he provides a level of real world knowledge for when book smarts aren’t enough. I’ve been racking my brain trying to remember if the writers have ever tried to make Carter super smart in any of their previous episodes (I’m sure someone on the internets will correct me there), but I have to say that smart Carter was a lot of fun, so much that you almost forget he was kind of the bad guy. I also liked the idea that the trigger for Carter’s sudden big brain was Kevin’s attempt to help “level the playing field” between Carter and Allison’s brother Marcus, in town to see the happy couple and do a book signing. Also, great climax to the episode involving the souped up Andy and S.A.R.A.H., it was actually pretty tension filled and led to a great make up moment between the two at the end of the episode.

Dondre Whitfield was good as Marcus, and if that last name sounds familiar it’s because he’s married to Salli Richardson-Whitfield (who plays Allison). While there’s something a little creepy about husband and wife playing siblings on TV, they do pull off the brother/sister vibe well during the episode. I liked how Marcus was kind of the rockstar when he showed up in town with quite a few scientist fawning over him and his sudden reversal in opinion of Carter once he realizes how smart he was becoming, just because it seemed to fit with his character’s prejudices against “dumb people”.

If this wasn’t enough for one episode, there is the entire Holly and Fargo sub-story still going on. I think it was great to see Holly start getting cabin fever from being cooped up with S.A.R.A.H. and bypassing Fargo to get Zane and Henry’s help. I thought the idea was to make her more mobile, but taking it to the whole let’s make her a new body and download her into it was a little creepy. In some ways it seems like a nod to Weird Science and if so would it be too much to ask for Felicia Day’s reawakening scene be similar to Kelly LeBrock’s from the same movie? (Hey a geek can dream right?)

While this episode laid the groundwork for next week’s actual return of Holly, the best part was Jo’s attempts to distract Dr. Parrish from finding out what Zane and Henry are up to. I thought it was going to be her just leading him on a wild goose chase and seemed to be succeeding by feeding Parrish’s ego the idea that she needs him to help finish the investigation. While Parrish seems to take this to mean that Jo’s falling for him and his choice of pants, when Jo leaves to help get Andy back under control, he still finds out what Zane and Henry are doing and tells Fargo so he can put the kibosh on the experiment. Erica Cerra and Wil Wheaton were very good in these scenes and make me wish that Wheaton had been part of the show since Day One.

My Favorite Parts from “Smarter Carter”:

– “You’re finally joining the Mad Scientist union?” Jo to Zane
– “So its going to be that kind of day” Carter before chasing the robotic legs. Would love to know how they filmed that because it was excellent.
– “He deals in “theory” and I deal in practice” Smart Carter about Dr. Blake after creating his own version of Marcus’ computer chip in the kitchen
– “The real me wont look like a creepy department store mannequin, right?” Holly
– “I knew I shouldnt have worn these jeans.” Dr. Parrish considering his animal magnetism and fashion sense
– “Tough break, College! Science is fun!” Smarter Carter after proving Dr. Marcus Blake wrong
– “Ah! Mi cabeza es su cabeza, boss.” Sheriff Andy volunteering to have Carter work on him
– “She likes to talk, I like to shoot.” Jo ready to take Andy down. This line explains Jo Lupo to a tee.

What did you think of “Smarter Carter”? There’s now four episodes left of Eureka and it is so hard to believe that its going to end just when things are getting so good! The previews for next week gave away that Holly comes back, but what else do you think is going to happen in the last episodes? Will we see a Holly/Fargo or Zane/Jo wedding? Will Zoe come back to town? Let me know your theories in the comments section.

Next week’s Eureka gives us a dose of Frankenstein, except this time it’s Felicia Day coming back from the dead with some unexpected results. We also get to see where Carter and Allison get to go on their honeymoon, though something tells me its not going to be a long trip. Tune in to see “The Honeymooners” next Monday at 9 PM on SyFy.