TV Show Titles That Remind Me of Fathers

Collage for TV Show Titles That Remind Me of Fathers

Last month, in celebration of Mother’s Day, I wrote an article titled TV Show Titles That Remind Me of Mothers, focusing on titles only that reminded me of a mother and her life. Therefore, giving equal time to dads, this week’s article seemed only logical. As before, I have purposely not included any of the really obvious ones which deal with actual fathers – Modern Family, Men of a Certain Age, etc. I have also tried to not reuse titles from my previous article, but in at least one instance relented.

Six Feet Under

David, Claire, Ruth and Nate Fisher - Six Feet Under

Fathers are always there when a favorite pet dies, shovel handy and ready to officiate at the funeral and interment. Always comforting, they may even be persuaded to say a few words for the eulogy, and certainly provide a post ceremony hug for the bereaved.

Men at Work, Enterprise, The Office

The Office, Enterprise, Men at Work

Dads are hard workers, leaving the house early every weekday (and sometimes weekends) to support the family. Some dads even work multiple jobs to make ends meet. Then after a long day at the workplace, they return home to yard work, carpooling or other duties.

Mythbusters, The Big Bang Theory

Jaime and Adam - Mythbusters; Sheldon and Leonard - The Big Bang Theory

Fathers are better than an online encyclopedia in providing facts to the family. After all, you don’t always have access to the internet, but you do always have access to dad! What fun it is during a power outage to still be able to have fun facts provided for the family’s entertainment. And, as an added bonus, fathers can provide you with extra facts, more than you ask for sometimes – stop rolling your eyes, kids!

Necessary Roughness

Dani and Matt - Necessary Roughness

It’s a stereotype, but in my own personal experience which I believe is not actually that far from the truth, fathers are the “fun” parent, and moms are the “serious” parent. Certainly I think we can agree that dads are pretty good about roughhousing with the kids! Ticklefests, wrestling matches and other physical outlets are great family fun led by dad.

Suits, White Collar

White Collar cast; Suits cast

While at least in my house the father does not really enjoy dressing up, I think we can all agree that a suit and tie is the uniform for most men that work in offices. And, whether comfortable or not (we all suffer for fashion, ok?) dads rock their suits and I think most moms will agree there is nothing quite liked a nicely dressed man!

Against the Wall

John and Richie - Against The Wall

Moms are usually accused of being the “helicopter parent,” but just ask any father of a girl approaching teen hood, and he will likely joke that he is investing in a shotgun and that his daughter will not date until she is 30, or later. This is certainly a theme we see on many TV shows and in movies – the young man who is nervous about meeting his date’s dad for the first time – or possibly subsequent times!

Damages, Chaos, Smash

Smash cast, Damages cast, Chaos cast

How many TV shows and movies make light of what happens when dad is put in charge of the kids for a day? Whether or not it is true, it is definitely funny, as the kids run roughshod over the poor hapless dad. Mom usually returns home to a wrecked house, with dirty dishes everywhere and dad tied up on the couch by the little darlings.

Home Improvement, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Tim and Al - Home Improvement; Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

A family member of mine used to joke that dads attended the “Church of [insert name of big box home improvement store]” every Sunday morning. Certainly where I live, those stores do a brisk business, not just on Sunday morning, but every day. And with the possible exception of electronics stores, the clientele is certainly more heavily male than at any other store I frequent.

Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights cast

As anyone with a child who plays sports knows, fathers spend a lot of time helping out with practices or maybe even coaching. They drive teams of kids to and from games and practices and are the team photographer and all around booster. When they are not otherwise occupied, they can be found on the sidelines or in the stands, cheering on their children and the whole team.

Weeds, Pushing Daisies

Weeds cast, Pushing Daisies cast

In suburbia, fathers are seen every weekend and maybe even weekdays, tending to the yard and gardens. The familiar buzz of the lawnmower and weed whacker is heard throughout the neighborhood from Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon where I live.

Transporter, Hell on Wheels

Frank - Transporter; Cullen and Elam - Hell on Wheels

Dads frequently share carpool duties with moms. Truly, there are few things in life more enjoyable than driving a minivan full of scouts home after a camping trip during the monsoon season. Upon arrival at home, all that is needed is a hose with a strong stream of water to take care of business.

Heroes, A Gifted Man, The Good Guys

Dan - The Good Guys; Michael - A Gifted Man; Sylar and Noah - Heroes

Fathers are unsung heroes. Whether they are protecting the family from harm, or killing the big spider in the kitchen, they are the go-to-guy in times of distress. Just the other day my husband came running when I let out a shriek after being startled by a camelback cricket in the basement. I trapped the intruder and he took care of disposal. Teamwork!

Awake, The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead cast; Michael and Rex - Awake

I used these two in my article for Mother’s Day, and they apply equally to dads. In my house at least, there were many instances of children throwing up in the middle of the night that saw their father as the first on the scene responder.

In addition, I just read an article in the newspaper about dads, and the one thing that seemed to be a common wish of the dads who were asked what they wanted for Father’s Day was a nap! So, give dad what he wants, and let him snooze on the couch today!


So, that’s my list. Do you have any to add? Any comments on the ones I included? Please sound off below in the comment section. And, Happy Father’s Day to all the dads reading this – I hope you have the day/nap of your dreams!